Friday, February 25, 2011

We Be Kakatwakalakin'.

Happy Birthday shout-out just one day late to kakatwakalak.

Top Reasons You're My Friend:

1. You laugh at everything I say, which a) is actually true and not just made up by an attention-hungry me and b) awesome for my self-esteem, which for the record wasn't all that bad in the first place.

2. You still wear the Zac Efron shirt Annie and I gave you senior year.

3. You're not ashamed of the fact that we all went to see High School Musical (the play!) in the city.  So maybe we were the only ones over the age of 12 and not parents.  What's it to ya?

[caption id="attachment_531" align="aligncenter" width="604" caption="This picture doesn't actually relate to the previous statement, but I like it, so we're just going to go with it..."][/caption]

4.  You had a shirt that said "Senors  Rule" and thought it was absolutely hilarious.

5.  You were always 99% sure about me and you-know-who (and no, I'm not talking about Voldemort).

6.  You sport those ear-planes like nobody's business.

7.  You would let me do embarrassing things like beg Ms. Moore to play the Spanish CD every single day in class and then sing along with me (Buleria, Buleria!  Mas te quiero cada dia!)

8.  You wear those yellow pants like they're going out of style.

9. "Oop!  You still there!"  (in reference to your rear, mind you...)

10.  You were a girl scout all the way through high school (I couldn't even last a year).

11.  You're a super good fat friend.

12.  Over 99% of the photographs of you consist of you laughing. No, but really.

13.  When you came to visit Utah, you decided to get all sorts of crazy and sport your most non-Mormon look: tank top and short shorts.  Then you made snow angels in the snow...and you think I'm kidding.

14.  You're cuter than Anne.

15.  You believe that anyone who doesn't know how to wear a grandma hat is a sissy (please ignore that I look like I actually am a grandma in this photo with the way it's taking me an hour to sit down.

16. Your dancing skills are serious business and still amaze me...I still remember when we were prepping your for homecoming or something...ha.

17.  You say hilarious things.  For example:

"Look at that kid's fauxmock!"

"She came into work with an overhang."

"Are the yankees from the east coast?"

"Is that antarctica or the north pole?"

"I dont know if they have ferorities at davis...wait what are they called?"

"Look! Anne Frank expanded her collection!"

"Yo Yo Mom's coming to perform here!"

"Can I get a 12-foot sandwich?"

[caption id="attachment_542" align="aligncenter" width="604" caption="(this isn't even my picture, but it's totally appropriate.)"][/caption]

18.  Without you, Tulaf would just be Dulaf, and we all know that wouldn't be fun at all.

So happy birthday, Kakalak!  Thanks for being my friend and for making life 10x more fun just by existing...and laughing.



Anne said...

2. she def has not worn that shirt recently and it makes me sad.

5. i like vaguely remember this joke but i CANNOT figure out who its about. and i totally recall talking about it a lot. ugh im going to be bothered until i figure it out.

14. come on, really? youre so rude.

17. im glad this list came from your memory. and not copied from my facebook quotes. nope. definitely not.

Stacy said...

5. think leukemia boy.

Kate said...

basically laughed at every single one of those, and the pictures. and i'm not lying you our of anybody should believe me!