Monday, February 28, 2011

Bobby Fisher?

This weekend was rad.  Rachel and Kenneth came over for dinner.  Kennedy and her baby boo, Kyle, were also there.  And so was Katie.  Two sets of lovers and then me and the Katie.  What's up.

Anyway, I'll be honest, I've had tastier enchiladas, but I think I just needed more enchilada sauce.  And avocados.  But who are we kidding?  Do I look like I have the budget to just be buying avocados all the time?  Because trust me, if I did have such a budget, every meal would include avocados.

After a fine dinner, we proceeded to play an apartment favorite: Time's Up. Because this is a game of teams, every other person in the circle is on a team.  Because the lovers were sitting next to each other, they didn't get to be on the same team.  My team of Boy and Girl Ken owned.

For the next round, we mixed it up so it was married/engaged couples + their respective best friend, putting me on the Rach and Kenneth team, and Katie on the Ken and Kyle team (having more than one Ken often causes confusion, I know.  In general, Boy Ken is referred to as Kenneth, and girl Ken is referred to simply as Ken. Proceed.)

When we started playing, it all started coming back to me.  I remembered why it's common practice to try and avoid having Rach on your team, and it occurred to me that Rach was probably always the last one picked for kickball and any other team sport from elementary school on.  Sometimes she gets that face on--I don't even know how describe it, except with the word "clueless"--and just sits there, dazed and confused.

Time's Up is sort of like charades, except more fun.  I was counting on Rachel to get ones like "Taylor Swift" and "Keifer Sutherland".  I mean, come on, were "best country singer know to man" and "Nina, give me the access codes.  GIVE ME THE ACCESS CODES!!" not good enough clues?  So when Kenneth or I would start acting or explaining what needed to be guessed, I expected Rach to be all over it, but instead, she would put on her signature "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh....." look.  Similar to the following:

Or one of my favorites:

So, she just looks at us, like "Shoot.  I was not planning on having to use any knowledge I gained after first grade. This is quite a shock to me."

So, while me and Kenneth tried to carry the team, we found it a little difficult to do, especially when you have that face looking at you.

Each person gets 30 seconds per turn to get their team members to guess the item on their card.  Kenneth was on a roll: he was describing them, and I would guess them right away.  I think we got 6 or 7.  After his turn ended, Rach told us that her contribution to that turn was an "Ohhhhh" on the third or fourth card.  That's why we keep her around.

Now, I realize I'm kind of making Rach out to be a less than impressive team member. And so I should mention that when it came to her turn, she did an excellent impression of Bobby Fisher.  She practically played an entire game of chess with herself, with the occasional scratch of the chin and puzzled look.  But really, it was hilarious.

And so, even though Rachy might not be chosen as MVP of any organized team in her lifetime, I'll keep her around.  And I'll probably keeping picking her for my team, though it will never might not be in my best interest.  Mostly because she's hilarious.  And because I'll get to see that shocked/"uhhhhh" face more often.

And because sometimes, in the real world, all I have to say is one word, and she knows exactly what story I'm trying to recall.  Or sometimes, I don't even have to say anything.  If we ever see a bee, I know exactly what story she wants to tell.  If we ever watch a movie with Kirby Heybourne, one of the best days of our lives!!! will be recalled.  If we're ever in a dark room, and someone's car headlights shine through the window, we'll both be thinking the same thing.

So even though Time's Up isn't her talent, sometimes real life is.

Besides, what kind of best friend would I be if I didn't lift her up and support her through the hard parts of life?

Rach: "I remember that after this pic was taken, I didn't have to go to the bathroom anymore."


Kelsey K said...

Love this, love you!

Rachel said...

My past insecurities have been exposed! . . . I was always picked last for kickball.

ha, this is a pretty good post. I showed Kenneth and he laughed.

I'll get you back via my blog sometime.