Monday, October 4, 2010

When the Weather Outside is Crummy...(name that T.V. show)

Problem: Just so you know, in case you didn't know already, in which case you shouldn't be my friend, I don't enjoy the rain.  Not at all.  Not one little bit.  Not even a little bit of a little bit.  Besides the whole "keeping the earth functioning" thing, I'm pretty sure rain serves no functional and/or enjoyable purpose.  It's the worst thing.  THE WORST.   So now you know.  I don't like it.  In fact, I hate it.  Snow trumps rain any and every day of the year.

Solution: But now I'm done.  I hereby promise not to complain about the rain at all for the rest of the school year.  That's right.  I just did that.  I will by no means ever say I enjoy rain or do the world the disservice of ever wishing for rain, but I will not talk about how much I absolutely despise it.  I've decided that I'm not doing myself any good by complaining about it.

Disclaimer:  I still get to complain about snow. Granted, I'm okay with snow.  It's just that dang rain.

Promise:  I, Stacy, promise that if I ever verbally complain about the rain (other than the occasional groan), I will buy the person who hears me complain a possum. (Yes, that includes you, Mr. Dude-who-fell-asleep-in-the-library-and-is-now-snoring...)

I know the following statement may be a bit non-traditional, but...

I wish myself the best of lucky in this difficult endeavor.

Signed: Stacy

What have I done???


Casey and Jessica said...

hmm...does complaining about your hair being funky because of the rain count? i thought today was so pretty! did you see the mou'ins???!! anyway, good lucky with your new goal. it is a good one.

Mykel said...

Ha ha ha! It's cause you're from Santa Rosa! You're just like Matt. I could almost here the "Problem" paragraph coming out of his mouth word for word. It's rained here too...for the past 3 days. Monday I thought it was cute and cozy. So Nickie and I made home made chicken noodle soup for the boys. But, when I woke up this morning and saw it was still wasn't so cute or cozy...just wet.