Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let Me Amaze You

"Um.  Um, excuse me. You need to buy me a possum."

"It works just like Pangaea!"

(Wink) "Here's a loofah."

For the record, these three quotes were all said last night within five minutes of each other and are all along the same topic of conversation.

While it is true that this conversation occurred at around one in the morning, that has absolutely no influence on the amount of love I have for my roommates.  It's unreal.

"Self, ridiculously good day."


Matt & Mykel said...

Ha ha...I love lufas! Unfortunately Matt and I left ours at our parents' home and have been lufa starved ever since. I can't think of anything they have to do with pangea, but alas :) Yes, I love BONES. I even had a dream about it last night. Someone left me a body and Brennen and I were trying to figure out who it belonged to...It may be getting a little out of hand :) I'm still technically finishing up season 1. I've watched it on and off for the past few years and enjoyed it, but nothing like now. Matt and I watched all the episodes on Hulu from various seasons while moving in and then ran out. Then Danny and Lena introduced us to this Netflix thing and now...I'm in heaven. Seasons 1-5 all online for our viewing pleasure :) What's your favorite?

Stacy said...

Oh my gosh! I love Bones so so much! I watched seasons 1, half of two, 4, 5, and now six is on! What an exciting dream you had though! And since you're an anthropologist, it would only be appropriate that you work with Brennan, the best forensic anthropologist around! Um, jealous! Yes, the wonders of Danny and Lena's netflix account have been very helpful in this endeavor to watch was kind of my summer hobby for a while. Love you!