Saturday, October 9, 2010

Atta Girl...

I just calculated that I've spent about 36 hours in the library this week.  That's too bad.  But it's alright.  Why?  Because my life is perfect.  Because life is hilarious.  Because I have a nice warm bed.  Because my life is legitimately perfect.  I am so blessed, it's ridiculous.  I read a book yesterday about a girl living in Korea/Japan at the end of WWII.  I'm glad I have food.  I just read a book about a girl who lived in India during WWII.  I'm glad that it's normal for men and women to be treated equal around here.

Also, I'm getting a lot of things done, so that's nice.

And of course, BYU won their football game today!  What could be better than that?

Also, tomorrow is Sunday.  Happy day.

Ha, also.  I called my mom and Tom picked up.  He told me that had just gotten their yearly pictures taken.  He told me that he and Jake had their pictures taken with our dog Malcolm.

Malcolm died this summer.

He said they held him in their arms lovingly and tenderly, while they held his eyes open.

It should not have been funny.
I am such a rude dude.

But just for two seconds, please imagine my little brothers with goofy grins on their faces while they held an animal in their arms.  Also, imagine hysterical laughter and his the squinty laughing eyes coming from Jacob and the blank stare/Luane face from Tom.  Don't think about the face that the animal is not alive.  Instead, picture that they are holding an elk or something instead.  They would.

I'd like to see my little brothers again.  With them, every day is a hilarious day.

For you viewing pleasure, I have included the blank stare/Luane face courtesy of Thomas.

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Tom said...

What about the picture I took of that lady that was next to us at the wedding reception. You should post that one.