Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Out of Curiosity....

Hey, so this is weird.  People read my blog.  Way more people than I thought actually read my blog.  Granted, that can be a little scary sometimes, but I'm kind of excited.  Except, hey guys.  Don't be rude dudes.  COMMENT.  All bloggers love a little COMMENTING love.  So COMMENT.  It's okay if you don't know me personally, I'd still like to hear what you have to say...and besides, you're not alone.  A couple hundred people viewed my blog last month (Say, what?!?) and they're from countries all over the world.  Like I said, a little freaky deaky.  I must give a shout-out to my girl Ken...she did a little advertising for me in the library by taking one of those little stands in the middle of the table that has advertisements in it and wrote my blog name on it.  Ha.  Atta girl.

Now, to the point.  Dude, I saw Spankey for like an hour yesterday.  Rude.  Then I saw her today as we were crossing paths.  I was coming into the lie-berry and she was exiting the building.  Or at least, she had planned to.  Fortunately for her, I stopped her and we chatted (chatted?  no, we don't chat.  If we chatted we would be holding tea and have out pinkies pointed out.  We're the kind of people who hold giant bowls of popcorn, half of which is all over our shirts in a the hurry to shove that stuff into our faces--note, I did not specify that it had to be stuffed into our mouths...I'm just sayin'...)  Anyway, we talked, and talked, and talked.  How many times did she say, "I should really go now..."?  At least a dozen times.  But to that I say, "Don't care."  We played the straight-face game, during which we start a conversation normally, and then the other person says something in response that is an absolute lie, and then we just build on it, and the first one to crack a smile and/or laugh loses.  Right now we're kind of at a tie, but last year I got killed.  I have to give this disclaimer, though: most of the time it was because I made myself laugh.  Totally unfair.

Anyway, I like talking with her.  She's like my BFF or something.  Oh, yeah.  SHE'S GETTING MARRIED.  I'm super stoked except for the part about her getting a different roommate.  Not cool.  But I guess this Ken guy (not to be confused with girl Ken, because really, there is one--real name Kennedy) is alright.  Our friend Rob came up to us today and was congratulating her and then turned to me and said, "So, do you approve?  Because we all know that's what really matters."  Ha, well, I approve.  Spankity spank.

And just so you know, spanks, you still have to spend at least and hour a day with me or I'll suffocate and die or something.

...and you think I'm kidding.

The infamous photograph from our younger years.  Good times, ______ ________. (Fill in the blanks, spanks--ha, rhyme!)


Unknown said...

I love reading your blog! So funny!

Unknown said...

You are the Funniest person I no. I wish I had a dead dog just like you. Peace out BOOB!

Rachel said...

Hey girlllll!

These kind of posts are my favorite . . . you know, the ones about me. :) I also really like June 13's post. Top two favs.

Anyway, I will spend at least an hour with you every day . . . that is, if you'll let me.

Also, you failed to mention my AMAZING straight-face performance on Sunday. I think that if you posted that little disclaimer, I deserve a sentence explaining my great acting skills.

Rachel said...

Also, I actually visited your blog (because usually I just read it on google reader), and it looks nice! It's like little spot lights . . . or those annoying sun spots . . . or wedding colors.