Monday, October 11, 2010


I am pretty excited about this ten-day challenge that Women's Services put together.  Part of the challenge is for everyone to write in their journal for at least ten minutes every day talking about all the things our bodies allow us to do.  Well, today, I'd like to talk about my hands.  While so many times I think my hands are so yuck--short and fat sausage fingers, small hands, small thumbs--when it gets down to it, my hands are probably one of the most important body parts I have.  The first thing I think of when I think of my hands is the ability to type.  Typing.  I love it.  When I was a junior in high school, I took a computer class.  When I walked into that class on the first day, I could not type.  Okay, false.  I could type.  But I was one of those "peckers".  I used like two fingers on each hand and stared at the keyboard the entire time.  And boy was I slow.  (I hold my mother entirely responsible--If only she had let me do instant messaging with all my eighth grade friends, what wonders it would have done!  Oh, but wait, she was trying to promote direct communication or something.  To this day, I'm just not a fan of instant messaging except when I'm in the library and I have no service...thanks, mom!)  Anyway, I walked into that class and made a promise to myself that I would learn to type.  No matter how slow I started, I would learn to type.  And lo and behold, I did it.  I learned to type.  I learned to type fast.  If I hadn't made that goal, I wouldn't probably still be on the second sentence of this journal entry.

It's a dern good thing I have hands to type.  Why?  Because I love to blog.  I love it.  And those who know me know that it is nearly impossible for me to write a short entry.  I just have too much nonsense to say.  Too much.  You're like, "Oh please, it's not nonsense.  It's your feelings!"  Then you go and you read my blog and you retract your previous statement.  That's okay.  I understand.  But if I didn't have these two hands, it would take me so much longer and I would probably give up two sentences in because, I'll be honest, I'm easily distracted.

The written word is seriously a fabulous thing and there is no way I could do it without these stumpy, baby hands!  So to you I say, love your hands.  Your hands may be better for baking or badminton or birthing babies (sorry, I was trying to go with the "b" theme...if we were playing Scattegories I would have gotten two points for that one!)  Imagine how many things you wouldn't be able to do without your hands.  At the same time, if you didn't have hands, you could still do so many amazing things.  I've heard it said that people who can't see have especially good hearing (for example, in this Boxcar Children Mystery book, some blind lady solved a mystery by listening to someone's footstep pattern--how cool!)  We all have so many strengths that I think we forget about all too often.  Find those strengths.  Not everyone has the same ones.  How can you use your strengths to better this world?  Because trust me, the world needs something more than me and my baby-birthing blog posts.


Mom said...

Um...well, you're welcome (oops, I should have put "your" just to bug you!).

Fun to read your blog and realize that silliness and Stacy are still synonymous (how about that alliteration?!! How many points for me?:)).


Casey and Jessica said...

when i think of your hands, i think of your fabulous handwriting.

p.s. your blog colors (black background with white writing) give me lines in my eyes.

Matt & Mykel said...

I'm so glad you have hands! The better to type with my dear! I love reading your blog! Plus, I must say that I have personally found hands very useful in both badminton and "birthing babies."