Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Exhibit A

I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking, "What is one reason that BYU is so cool?"

I'm not going to lie, I find it rather convenient that pose that question, because I was just thinking of a few things about BYU that are so cool.

Yesterday, I was here at the library.  Because of a pounding headache and nose that felt like it was about to explode because it was so dang full of junk, I just decided to go home.  Done, goodbye, I'm out of here.

So I went home.

Then today happened.  I was still feeling like a possible head explosion could happen, and that the amount of stuff that was exiting my nose still a little out of hand, but I did it.  Why?  Well, first of all, I love my job.  I just plain love it.  I get to work with quirky chemists all day, and I just feel important.  I mean, seriously.  Some of those couldn't survive without us.  And besides that, the secretaries know everything.  It's awesome.

For example, one time I was just casually minding my own business, doin' my little secretary thang, while this student was waiting for Sue to return to he could ask her a question.  Well, while he was waiting, one of the professors came in and recognized the student because he was a bishop and the student had been in his ward previously.  What do they choose to talk about?  Well, the obvious, of course.  "Are you still dating that girl?  Are you planning on getting married?" The conversation quickly turned into a deep, very personal conversation about the student's feelings on love and marriage, etc.  The professor gave him suggestions and counsel, and yes, I just sat there and listened with my back to them.  REALLY??  Are we really having this conversation right now, right here, for the secretary to hear?  Yes, we really are.

Anyway, while I was at work today, I had to take a test to the testing center.  There were probably 200 copies of a 12 page test that I had to carry over.  Now, the testing center isn't that far away, so I often feel that I can just carry them over in one trip, without using a cart.  In fact, I have this feeling every time.  And every time, when I'm about halfway to the testing center, I think to myself, "Sometimes, I'm an idiot."  I think it is an undeniable fact that a stack of tests gets exponentially heavier by the second.  Sorry folks, there's no getting around that one.  It's the truth.

So yes, I was about halfway there and the thoughts of  "I can't even see over this pile of tests" and "Where is my donkey and/or lady-that-carries-things-on-her-head-really-well?" and "I quit" were flooding into my head.  All of a sudden, this guy just appeared with his hands outstretched, saying "Where are you headed with these?  Let me carry some of them."  I mean, seriously, what a nice guy.  There are really nice guys out there.  I know you're like, "I bet you just dumped all the tests into his arms, jumped on his back, and said, 'Giddyup to the testing center, dewwwd!'"  Alas, no.  I totally would have let him if there wasn't the whole confidentiality thing/no one can see these tests/don't let the secretaries be in the middle of a damsel in distress scene thing.  So all I could say was, "I'm okay.  I'm almost there.  Thanks so much though."  I really did say those things, though.  I mean, come on.  What a guy.

The other thing about taking tests to the testing center is that people always hold the door open for me.  It's awesome.  I don't think I've every opened a single door in the testing center since I got the secretary job.  It's great.  In fact, I hardly every open doors on campus because there are so many dang people on campus that do it for me.  (It's actually rather unfortunate for anyone that doesn't hold the door, because I automatically think, 'JERK'.  Just kidding. Actually, I'm not.)

Anyway, the real reason I wanted to write this post is for this:  I came back to the library today and went to pull out my headphones and realized they weren't there.  I realized I had left them here yesterday when I left.  So I went up to the desk asked if anyone had turned in a pair of headphones.  And someone had!  There they were, as broken and crappy as ever!  It's a great day folks, even if the headache/exploding brain stage is beginning to set in.

"Self, it's a dern good day."


Matt & Mykel said...

You're sinus sick?! Yuck! I'm sorry...I send my regards...BYU is amazing...I agree completely. A couple's car got stolen in my ward on Saturday...Car's don't get stolen at BYU and neither do headphones. Love it! Glad you're job is still treating you AMAZING!

Casey and Jessica said...

#1: when i read your posts, i usually read them really fast because that's how i imagine you're saying them.
#2L my first aid teacher told me about how her husband used to be an emt near the byu campus and they would get calls at least once a month from girls with heavy cramps and they'd get there and the home teachers and bishop would be there and they'd ask "are you on your period?" and she'd say, "oooo YEAAAHHH!!" and they'd leave. (fun fact: my teacher isn't LDS, so i thought it was funny she knew about the HTers and bish.)

Casey and Jessica said...

and when i say "#2L", i mean "#2:"