Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Niiiiights. Everybody, are you with me?

I feel it only fair to my fans that I give you all a little update on my life, i.e. my summer so far.

I moved into Foxy Foxy Foxwood.  It's hilarious.

Me and Rachel spent a lot of time together at the beginning of the summer considering we HAD NO FRIENDS. (ha, shout out to my gurl Keech).  Weird things happen.

At one point I killed a spider.  Momentous occasion.

I gave a talk in church.  Ehhh.

I went to the library a lot.

I got a new job and I love it!

I made some friends.  I am extremely popular. Psych.

Rachel had a baby. False.  I'd love to show you the documented proof, but then I think I might lose an eyeball or something valuable like my mascara.

I had a sleepover with my sophomore year lovers aka roommates.  Smashing good time.

Rachel's car broke down so we charged it up and then went for a long drive.  Scared some EFY kids, made a scene, what else is new?

Celebrated Shane's 91st birthday.  We may or may not have only had candles from freshman year when everyone turned 19...we had to improvise.

Jessica got married!  I went home and celebrated the momentous occasion with family and friends.  It was fantastic.  She was gorgeous and the reception was fabulous.  I also got to spend time with the fam bam.  Got to see Toy Story 3 (a delight, let me tell you) and spend time with my grandma and uncle.  Brilliant weekend.  I got back and there was a welcome home party for me.  Okay, maybe not.

Rach and I continue to have dinner together.  That's some real tender friendship right there folks.  It's actually quite nice.

I went to a BACKSTREET BOYS concert with my fabulous friends.  It was seriously one of the highlights of my life.  We had such a fantastic time, and let me tell you.  Those boys have still got the moves.

I went to an Orem Owlz baseball game.  It was so fun and I seriously love baseball.  My Owlz won, too.  Good day.  There were even fireworks after.  Yee!

I hang out with my ward members a lot.  I don't have very many girl friends, but let's be real.  That doesn't matter.  Haha, no but I've made some good friends like Karlan and Brittanie, who took us to the Owlz game as well as a bunch of guy friends.  Our ward has dessert night every Thursday and it's quite nice because we get to just hang out with people.  I dig it.

Me and Rach went to Idaho for the 4th of July weekend.  Her sister Tracey and Tracey's husband live in Rexburg so it was fun to hang out with them and have such the nice, lazy weekend.  We slept so much.  I loved it.  We went to see the Idaho Falls fireworks, which were pretty awesome.  Loved the drive there and back.  No air conditioning does the body good.

Today me and Rach visited Kelli Foote--now Lindeman.  She and Rob are such the so cute.  Love them.  Love their story.  LOVED hanging out with them.  Can't wait to do that again.  They are hilarious.

Ricky is engaged!!! Yikes!! Love that girl.  Sheesh, everyone and their dog is getting engaged and married these days.  It's ridiculous.  Congrats girl.  Can't wait for your big day!  I miss having fish funerals and playing shower pranks and making delicious snacks and being ridiculous with you.  Come play!
Oh yeah.  Jamesy left us for the summer.  Jerk.  We're not on speaking terms. (Well, at least until you come back and then you are required to come over every day and give me presents).

Oh.  It snowed it JUNE.  Ridiculous.  But now it's finally getting hot.  Woo.

Well, I'm sure there are plenty of other things I've done, but these are the ones I can think of at the moment.

Peace out, eagle scout.


jjuchau said...

Stace, you know that I would never willingly leave you... And I promise that I will come over everyday and bring you presents (but not bring you presents everyday because that would be outrageously expensive). What do you want from Jordan that can fit in a suitcase (i.e., Rachel asked for a camel, and the logistics of that will be tricky...)?

Matt & Mykel said...

Excellent Stacy. Very jealous about the backstreet boy concert. Wish I could have heard your talk in church. Very intrigued about this EFY scaring mischief. And foxy foxwood became foxy when you moved in! Love you!

Casey and Jessica said...

love is in the air, stacy! i'm surprised you haven't found a lover in the chem lab... . and you're welcome again for providing an excuse to visit your family. did you cry during toy story 3? this girl in front of us during the movie was bawling and then she was cracking up.

Casey and Jessica said...

heyheyHEEEEEYYYY!!! i see my wedding announcement! <3