Monday, July 5, 2010

BYU is > or equal to BYUI > Every Other University > U of U

I like Provo.  I love it.  I just do.  It's the silliest place, but I love it.  I went to Rexburg this weekend (home of BYUI, for those of you who are not completely caught up on Mormon (pop) culture).  It was nice.  In fact, I bet I would love going to school there if I did.  I would not so much enjoy the pleasant -30 degree temperatures they sometimes have during the winter, but it's a cute little place.  It's kind of newer than Provo, so that's always a bonus.  Not quite so many crummy, run-down, last-updated-in-1936 houses as there are in Provo.  But I've decided I like Provo.  No, I love Provo.  I hate snow and I hate rain even more, but I love Provo.  I miss the color green that all too often seems to be missing from the landscaping around here, but I love Provo.  I love it.  I love BYU.  I love everything about it.

Also, I love my ward.  I have friends.  It's a momentous thing that I feel like I need to keep bringing up.

OH! I almost forgot.  I'm famous.  There is this new pamphlet that BYU put out called Y Facts and yours truly is pictured!!  Granted, you can see more of Keech and even more of Rachel (i.e. her whole face and not just the top of her head), but still!  I'm famous.  What. it. do.

P.S.  I'm going to be better about blogging.  It's just that I enjoy substantial posts and when I don't have something life-changing to say (which, granted, is not often) I just can't get myself to post.  I will be better. I WILL be better. I will BE better.  I will be BETTER.  I have no idea why I just did that.  I feel like that's something motivational though, so it stays.


Keisha Hendricks said...

i am in a pamphlet?? where can i find one?

Anonymous said...

You came to Rexburg and you didn't see me!!! Whoa!!! Hello?!

Stacy said...

Keech! Yes you are! I should send you a pamphlet...or you should come play with me/I should come play with you...We def have to hang out after your little St. Louis adventure. Misssss you.

Amber...oops. It was a quick little trip. I'll def call next time!

Matt & Mykel said...

I have a request; I am dying to see your very own pamphlet claim to fame. Show me :)

Stacy said...

I'll give an autographed copy to Matthew tonight!