Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News Flash: I'm Not Dead

Folks.  I give you my most sincere apologies.  I make you these promises of being a more consistent blogger and yet I never fail to let you down.

Me and the Rach got locked out of the apartment today.  Rude.  And we basically don't have roommates anymore, so that was super helpful.  And how cute is management because they put these weird things on the windows so we can't break in.  Ridiculous, right?  But fortunately Rachel is Superman and broke into our bathroom window.  And while you probably don't really understand, our apt. is slightly underground so she basically had to jump down into the bathtub. In the dark.  In a dress.  It was a darling moment if I ever saw one.

Too.  Many. Hairballs.  All up in our room.

All I want for Christmas are my old roommates.  My OLD roommates.  I just want them.  So freaking bad.  All the days I just want them to be living with me right now.  I don't know what to do with myself when we're not all together.  My happy little not-family.  Love them.  Rachel is getting boring.  Ha. Psych.

Also, my real family.  Love them/miss them all the days my life.  Seriously, though.  Life is the most ridiculous. I always miss people no matter where I am.  I miss family now, but if I was with my family, I would miss my friends and Provo friends.

ALERT: Rachel just threw away her scriptures and then said, "Hair...balls."  I'm reporting her to the bishop.

I'm trying this new thing called loving people all the time.  Loving all people.  ALL of them.  Let me tell you, not an easy thing.  People frustrate me to the max sometimes.  But I should love them.  I should be nice to them.  I should not let them get on my nerves.  It's a work in progress.

Freaky deaky.  My mom loves saying that...or at least I tell her that she should love saying that because honestly, it would be hilarious if she did.  I find it absolutely fantastic when she says things like "Let's bounce." She's pretty cool like that.  Plus, she always listens when I want to rant.  She usually responds with a voice of reason and rationality, but she also sympathizes, even when I'm being ridiculous, which may or may not be often.  Wah.  Mom's are good for us.

Life life life.  What a crazy thing.

I know, I know.  I need to a Grand Canyon blog post.  I'm getting to that.


Keisha Hendricks said...

i am coming stacy!! i promise i am coming! you won't have to deal with smelly rachel on your own.

Rachel said...

Hey! Despite most people's beliefs, I'm not illiterate. You two will regret these comments come fall when Keisha moves in.