Friday, November 13, 2009

Bring Your Own Toast

1. I'm wearing the shirt that is featured in the picture of me at the top of this blog.
2. I have to go back to work at 11 for a meeting, and as I'm sure you guessed, I'm so stoked.
3. I have such the so much homework.  Awesome weekend ahead.
4. I'm hungry and I shouldn't write about things like that because it only makes me hungrier.
5. I randomly miss Kennedy right now and I don't even know why.
6. You want to know what's cool?  It is quite possible that I've already written this before, but it's just so cool that I feel it is appropriate to write it again, plus I am the master of this blog, so I get to decide what goes on it.  In fact, from here on out, I think I'll just copy and paste this blog post instead of writing a new one because I am the master of this blog!  Anyway, I have 6 roommates (7 including may ask, "How do you have 7?" And I will tell you, "It's a complicated story, one girl is just over all the time, but basically lives with us, and will live with us next semester, don't hurt your brain thinking about it too much.")  Each night of the week, one of us makes dinner.  Let me tell you something, we eat so well, it's not even funny.  I get so excited every day, because I am never dissappointed. (Note to Ken: Not even when we had "Bring Your Own Toast Night.")  Plus, it's my favorite time of the day, because most--if not all--of the roommates are there, and we get to talk about our lives and what has happened in our day and whatever else we want to talk about.  It's so nice, and as silly as this may sound, it's seriously such the great bonding time.  But seriously, it's like a family.  I love my roommates.
7. Last night we had a ward activity where we went to Jump On It.  It was so fun.  The only problem was that we knew it was right next to the freeway, but we had no idea how to get there (I take that back, Rachel knew we were supposed to go under an overpass.  That was helpful since there's only one overpass in all of Utah...).  So we took an exit that we thought was a little before it, and figured we could just get there somehow.  Not so.  Although this trip didn't take nearly as long as it took us to find our high councilman's house for FHE, (he lives in took us an hour--I may or may not have been the navigator) it still took us longer than it should have.  I'm pretty sure we went down every sketch road there was.  The greatest part was that Katie was driving down one of the previously mentioned sketchy roads and she would be like, "Guys, I don't think I'm allowed to go back here." (As we drive towards some unlit FedEx loading dock or something out in the middle of nowhere)  The rest of us just kept saying, "Just do it, Katie.  Just go."  And she would.  (I worry about how well Katie will do when faced with drugs) We ended up finding a gas station, where the nice man kindly told us that we needed to head in the opposite direction.  He gave really good directions, and I'm not even being sarcastic.  People must ask him where Jump On It is a lot, because he knew all the landmarks and everything.  So, we finally got to Jump On It, and it was really fun and a lot of people were there.  The best part is, we were able to find our way home on our first try.
8.  I'm still hungry.


Tom said...

I'm a little more worried about when Stace is confronted with dope.

Rachel said...

I'm a little worried about when Thomas is confronted with Luanne's hand in marriage.

Anonymous said...

ahhhahaha!!! bring your own toast. that's such a good idea!