Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Just Bought You a Donut

So, I did my little "buy someone a coke" thing. I didn't want to have to spend a lot of money because I might be the most frugal person I've ever met (after my dad, of course), so I went to that Sugar 'n' Spice place in the Cougareat. First off, I was running late for a meeting with my boss, and so somehow I got convinced to buy my roommate a cinnamon roll... Anyway, there was a girl behind me, and since it was the day before Halloween, she was wearing a green witch hat. Pretty groovy, I must say. The lady that was working there seemed pretty grumpy though. I was trying to point out to her what the girl wanted, but she was like, "I can't tell what you're pointing at. Don't you understand that I can't see your hand?!" Of course it had to be the one donut with no label, so I had no better way to tell her what it was other that to describe it over and over--"The donut with the chocolate frosting next to the maple bars. The donut with the chocolate frosting next to the maple bars." But as I was saying this she just kept telling me that I couldn't point at it and describe it, I had to tell her what the name of it was--"There are lots of donuts here, you need to tell me the name of it." I was ready to just jump over the counter and pick it out myself. Sheesh, the lady would not let me talk. Anyway, after me, the girl behind me, and another guy behind her, spent a good 30 seconds trying to convince her that there was no sign for the donut and that she was just going to have to listen to our description, she finally figured it out. It was mildly ridiculous.

But, the girl was pretty stoked when I bought her a donut.


Rachel said...

you made it sound like i am not going to pay you back, dumb. the plan was never for stace to buy my a dounut as well. pft, when i asked her if i could be the random stranger she rudely said no. BUT, it was awesome that she did buy me a donut because i could use her sweet 50% off card. pretty legit. everytime that we want to eat lunch together she goes "okay let's each pay 50-50." so she wouldn't be paying anything because she gets 50% off. i usually then remind her that she is silly and proceed to punch her in the face. oh, the typical life.

Rachel said...

oh, and another thing "so somehow I got convinced to buy my roommate a cinnamon roll" was because she was scared to do this by herself, so she made me come along.

Stacy said...

and you can't spell.