Friday, November 20, 2009

Call me Famous Amos. Why? Because I'm Famous.

Aright, world.  Let me tell you something.  I'm famous.  Okay, so maybe not famous.  But I'd definitely say I'm moderately awesome.  Everyone should look at the Daily Universe today (pg. 20) or (for those of you who don't currently attend this awesome school or for some reason don't check my blog every day and may not see this until tomorrow.)

For my communications class, we had to create an online magazine and so we made a cookbook-like site.  One of our methods of advertising was to write with sidewalk chalk all over campus.  Some of you may have seen it on the stairs south of campus.  I think that one said something along the lines of "No more mom?  Apparently, a reporter from the Daily Universe saw it and wanted to do an article on it.  We were all for it, especially since there was a good chance this would boost our grade.  So, last Saturday, the reporter came over and interviewed us; Tuesday, a photographer came over while we were making dinner; and today, the article is in the paper!  Yee!  So, I thought that was pretty cool.

Next thing on my imaginary list of things to write on my blog.  On Monday, we had "take two" of trying to see a meteor shower.  Fortunately, this one was at 11 p.m. as opposed to 2 a.m.  We went up Provo Canyon and found a nice place that was seriously pitch black (perfect for lovers).  So it was three of my roommates and I, some of our good guy friends, and one of them brought his girlfriend.  It was cold, we were loud, and it was fun.  We had the two sets of lovers (as one of my roommates is dating one of our other guy friends) on both ends and then all the single ladies and single man in the middle.  I felt bad for the lovers (except not really) because we were seriously so loud and ridiculous the whole time.

Rachel: Katie, what's your favorite star?
Katie: MEEEE!!!

Stacy:  Can I ask a dumb question?
Rachel: You always do.
Stacy:  I don't even know what a meteor looks like.
Katie: Okay, well, do you know what Donald Duck looks like? Because meteors tend to be exact replicas of him.

Point proven.
Anyway, I had a hard time focusing because we are seriously incapable of being serious for more than 14 seconds, and sadly, that's not an exaggeration.  BUT, FEAR NOT.  We actually saw a meteor.  It lasted a really long time, too.  It went all the way across the sky, and all the single ladies screamed and yelled at it the whole time.  Let's be honest here.  Why do we scream?  Why did we feel the need to yell things like, "LOOK! THERE IT IS!  DO YOU SEE IT? THERE'S A GIANT METEOR FLYING ACROSS THE SKY! DO YOU SEE IT?  IT'S RIGHT THERE! IT'S A METEOR!!"  I'm sure people all around were saying things like, "Thank you so much. I'm blind, so I couldn't see that giant ball of light slowly flying across the sky.  I never could have pictured such an image without your help." (Ignore the fact that they really wouldn't have gotten an image in their mind as there is little to no description that a blind person could follow).  Anyway, I thought it was funny.

After a while, the single people decided to head home.  I was the last one up and headed to the car, when Ken (one of the lovers) asked me why I didn't want to stay.  And as I pondered that questions for half a millisecond, I really had to stop and ask myself: "Gee.  Why don't I want to stay here?  I mean, I've always wanted to lie by myself between two pairs of lovers while they do who-knows-what and I casually look at the sky and plug my ears so as to minimize the sounds of whatever macking they're doing.  It sounds nice because I won't have anyone to talk to, as all the other people's mouths will be engaged in other activities.  Gee that sounds fun.  Maybe I will stay."  But, after a long and difficult inward struggle, I came to the decision that I should go home.

Meteor showers are cool though, people.  Very cool.  You should consider going up to Provo Canyon or something on some random night and looking for meteors.  You probably won't see any and it will be freezing cold, but there's always a chance.

Parting comment:  The guy at the computer across from me won't stop sniffing himself.


Rachel said...

moderately awesome? that's pretty good. i like it. also, i like how you refer to us as "single ladies". whenever you say it, i imagine the hercules women (what are they called? muse?) come in and sing "all the single ladies put your hands up." lastly, what would the couples' mouths be engaged in? (slight pun intended).

Renée said...

Well, I got all the answers to my questions about the article...guess you don't have to write back. We loved the video of making muffins--wow, that recipe sure sounds GOOD!! I didn't want to post a comment on YouTube...too scary...someone might figure out who I am! We will continue to check out the cookbook, because it looks like it has lots of good recipes--and you are funny! We may find another video of you!

Anonymous said...

Stacy-you failed to mention how you had to ask what a meteor looked like....remember??? :)

The Badger Family said...

I love how I am referred to as "the single man in the middle." It was a nickname I thought I would never acquire. I'm not sure whether to feel complimented or embarrassed.