Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kumbayah (sp?)

My life is so entertaining approximately 90% of the time.

I love people watching. Is it weird that a like watching young love in action? People are so silly sometimes. People do funny things when they think people aren't looking.

I work with old women. Let's just get this one out there: old women are so entertaining and obnoxious and ridiculous all at the same time. Everything is seriously the end of the world for them. "I can't find such-and-such. I CAN'T FIND SUCH-AND-SUCH! Where is it? WHERE IS IT?" I swear, old woman code must say that they have to repeat everything, and the second time must be louder and whinier than the first. I love teasing them, which probably isn't the nicest thing, but they are so silly. They'll say the same instructions five times 9even though I clearly understood it the first time as I have already started the project), and then I'll say something like, "Can you repeat that?" "I don't understand." "What does it really mean to put the stickers on the middle of the sheet?" It doesn't even phase them.

My roommate and I had such the heart to heart the other night. And when I say heart to heart, I mean we held hands while lying in bed and sang Kumbayah...literally. That was funny.

Oh, funny thing. I work every morning, and then I go to the library bathroom to put on my makeup and such. Well, every day there is this girl who always get there just a little bit before me and always gets the prime real estate (aka the shelf to put her stuff on). Anyway, today we started talking. We see each other every day, and yet today was the first time we talked. I'll be completely honest, this paragraph didn't turn out nearly as funny as I thought it would.

Hmm, well, I wish I had more entertaining things to say, but I really don't.
I like chocolate milk.

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