Friday, September 4, 2009

Liberty Square

Alright. So, I moved into Liberty Square last Friday. I finally met my new roommates and they seem pretty awesome. I also got to meet up with my roommates from last year again, which was so fun. I missed being at school so much! It's funny though, because now that I'm back here, I kind of miss being at home. But, I still think I'd rather be here.

So, Liberty Square. I've heard that it's really fun here but that the management sucks. Which, let's not kid ourselves, they do. You just have to hate them for all the dumb things they make us pay for. Rent is $275, but then there's $30 for utilities, and $10 for the "free" internet. Seriously, it says internet is a "free amenity." FALSE. Then, you have to pay $60 for a parking permit...for ONE semester. And that's only if you're too late to get underground parking. Underground parking is $80. What a joke.

So, I'm just going to have to deal with it, I guess. I still really like it here, though. I want to make more friends, and I want things to settle down a little bit. I'm sure that after a while everything will be alright. I love BYU.

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