Saturday, August 1, 2009

So Apparently, On Occasion, People Read This

I'm thrilled to learn that at least two people have read an entry on my blog at least once. It's really quite exciting news! I don't have anything in particular I want to write about, so I guess I'll just rant for a while.

1. My job, the night job, is now discontinuing nights and we're all moving to day. As in next week, i'll be working from 530-130. Ugh. It seems like that would be nice, pero it's the last week...why can't they just keep it nights? This means I have to COMPLETELY reverse my sleeping schedule, which i'm not particularly stoked to do. It's 3 a.m. right now, and i'm so not even tired. So, last night i figured that i would go to bed at around 6 and set my alarm for 1230. I would be exhausted when i woke up (cause i don't even fall asleep till like 730 or so) but at least that would make me tired and i would be able to fall asleep earlier. Unfortunately, I forgot to actually turn my alarm ON, and so i woke up at 530. Such the rough life i live...let me tell you.

2. Dumb Annie left me. Wah. I hate it. Dumb girl. Come bacccckkkk asap.

3. 8 days till Danny's wedding! Yikes! I'm pretty excited. I get to wear such th spiffy dress and be pretty. It's going to be a different kind of wedding than anything i've ever done before, so i'm excited. It should be lots of fun. I just have to work on the slideshow and get that done and ready for it. I'm also way excited for Matthew and Mykel to come into town.

4. Once the wedding stuff is all over, that means I'm only a week away from going back to school!! You have no idea how happy that makes me. It's still three weeks away, but i really just can't wait. I love college so freaking much.

5. I miss my missionary boys. Zeb, Jon, E-40 ("oooh!") --this is a shoutout to you. You guys are so awesome and i really, really miss you. Zeb, I waiting for confirmation from your mother telling me that i can email you so as to save me the 98 cents or whatever it is that is required to send you a dearelder. Which, by the way, i have to put at least 10 dollars on my dearelder account, which i find way unfair. I want to just put five dollars. Hmph. Jonny, I really need to write you again. E-40, I just need to write you. I mean, you're in my state. You're the closest. I really need to write you. Brandon, Mikey, Chad, Taylor, Lane, Lance, Jake, Jonathan P., Zach, Ty, David...I have no excuses.

6. People read this and it sooooo excites me.


Anonymous said...

who's E-40?

and...just how many weddings have you "done"? haha! one...uh...yep, one. you're silly.

i don't like how i have to type in the code thing after i click "post comment". i wrote a nice long comment on the last post and i thought that i was done do i exited out BUT i have to retype the stinky code thing so it my comment wasn't posted. boo.
see you tuesday!

Anonymous said...

p.s. this summer would've been more fun if you hadn't been avoiding me the whole first 3/4ths of it because of the "wedding" and "work"! but honestly, i had high expectations for this summer and was let down hard. CA just isn't the same as it was in high school, but i will eternally miss the beach when i'm not near it.

Stacy said...

wah. no kidding.
and who says i'm avoiding you? sheesh, living at home is not the same as school. let's just go back to utard where everything is better. oh, and i have no clue what you're talking about when you say you have to type in some code...

Anonymous said...

you are going to lose me if you don't put something new up soon!