Monday, September 7, 2009

Car Alarm

Alright, alright. I'll be the second to last person to admit it. I'm far too easily entertained.

Okay, so approximately every morning, I am awoken by the car alarm of a red VW bug in the parking lot of my apartment complex...and when I say every morning, I mean EVERY morning...and afternoon, and evening, and when I'm brushing my teeth, and when I'm putting on my pants, and when I'm blowing my nose, and every other minute in between. I mean, seriously. That alarm goes off a good four or five times a day. And of course it has to go off at 7 in the morning on the days I get to sleep in. And so, me and my roommates have had such the hatred for that dumb red car for about two weeks now.

But today, when the alarm went off at 12:30 at night, we decided we'd had enough. And so we wrote quite the threatening note, put on our best disguises (often mistaken for pajamas) and set out. We made a short documentary of the activity, but like I previously mentioned, I'm far too easily entertained, so the majority of it consists of giggling, therefore making it innapropriate for this blog. We put the note on the front of the car to maximize the number of viewings by the average citizen and to hopfully embarass the owner of the vehicle.

Attached is a picture of the note, which I think is really funny, but once again...I'm easily entertained. Oh, and don't worry. We made sure to kick the car as we left.

My life if fabulous.


Stacy said...

Oh, and I would just like to clarify that I'm single, therefor meaning that everyone that lives in my complex is single. (i.e. not married--it's quite possible that a good 90% of them are already in relationships and school only started a week ago) My point is that the note is directed to someone who obviously doesn't have children. I know you were all about to call the University police and report a possibly murder suspect, but don't worry. No one's going to die. It's simply a joke.

Calm down.

Anonymous said...

stacy, it's time for you to realize that people can make babies before marriage.

i remember when it went off. that's the most annoying thing BUT i was at adella's and their stove beeps once every 10 minutes (ish) and it bugs the jeepers out of me and i spent the night there and i'd hear it and get mad so my heart rate would pick up so i wasn't able to sleep very well. i'm sure i gained a stress pimple from the situation.

Anne said...

follow up on this giiirl? i want to know what happened! did it stop or did you stalk them and stand over with a knife while they slept or what?! or was there rabies.

Stacy said...

I am happy to report that since we posted that on their car, there have been no further problems with said alarm.

It's a happy day in Provo.