Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Want to See the Light

Hi, my name is Stacy LeCheminant and I never see the light.

It's mildly obnoxious having a night job, which is what I have, but at the same time, I quite thoroughly enjoy it. For those of you who don't know (I like how I'm acting like people read one does) I work the night shift at JoAnn's while they're doing a remodel. You may say, "oh, that's the most horrible thing I've ever heard of! Working at night! How could you ever do that?" Come on people. It's just like changing time zones. You just do it. So, yes, the first night was hard cause I haven't stayed up till 530 lately, but after that it was pretty chill. I just go to work, come home, go to sleep. I really like my job, too. My manager is such a nice woman and the other manager is so fun to mess with. Okay, judge me. It's not like I make fun of her, I just joke with her. I don't know how to explain it...Anyway, everyone always asks me what I do. Well, basically everything in the store has to be moved to a different place, and it all has to be done very precisely. You have to follow these "planograms" that tell you exactly where every item is supposed to hang or lie. The frustrating thing is, it's just a picture of the final product and it's really hard to figure out the exact spacing between the products. It seems like it not that big of a deal, but trust me, when you get to the bottom of a panel and you realize you don't have enough room, it totally sucks. You have to redo the whole thing, and it's just obnoxious.

One cool thing about working the night shift is that we're not allowed to go outside and because of that, they make us eat our lunch (yes, lunch at 130 a.m.) inside and pay us to do it! So, we get a half hour for lunch, and two 15 min breaks. I get paid an hour's worth just to sit there. Pretty chill.

I don't know about you, but I can't just go right to bed when I get home. I mean, I've been working for almost hours, so I have a lot of energy in me. So I usually come home, brush my teeth, wash my face, all the usual stuff, and then i watch an episode of a t.v. show, and eventually get to bed around 630 or 7. It's the weirdest thing, I know. Then I sleep straight until about 1 or 2. The funny thing is, when i wake up, even if it's only like noon or something, I subconciously convince myself that I shouldn't be tired because it's already so late in the day. It's seriously the weirdest thing. I wake anywhere from 12-4, but everyday i wake up not feeling tired because my body tells me i shouldn't be. Seriously, so weird.

The lame thing is, I don't see much of the outside world during the day. I'm not usually ready for the world until about four, and then we usually have dinner around six, and the i have to get ready for work at 9. I don't know, it just leaves very limited time periods to hang out with friends, and it's rather unfortunate. I'm just glad it's not winter or anything, or I really wouldn't see any light what with the sun going down at like 5. I miss taking my brothers to swim lessons and just being outside when it's really warm out. I miss eating breakfast before 2. I don't like having my meal schedule go breakfast, dinner lunch. But all in all, it's chill. But just so you know, working a night job isn't as bad as it seems. People always think it's the worst thing ever, but you just get used to it and it's fine. Oh, and lastly, weekends kinda suck. There's no way I'm even a little bit tired before 4 in morning, so I just hang out by my lonesome for hours. Such the great life.

And yes, I'm writing this at 545 in the morning.
Such is my life.


Anonymous said...

i totally commented on this!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

hahaha! you're the first! you win the prize!!

Anne said...

you are such the fool of course people read this! people means me.
too bad i knew all of this anyway, but it was enjoyable to read.

Stacy said...

wha?!? how was i supposed to know anyone read this? no one comments on it! sheesh. i hate you all. i thought this was basically a journal...with me being the only one to read it.

this is mildly exciting now...knowing that i have at least two people reading it!