Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wedding Week

So last week was my brother's wedding. It was waaaaaaay fun to go out to Utard. I really, really, really missed it. It made me want to go back to school even more. I miss the whole college life, it's not even funny. But anyway, we got out there on Tuesday. I spent the night at Rachel's which was way fun. We made a music video to "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift. I was actually really impressed by how little time it took for us to film. I'm pretty sure it was less than two hours. Anyway, the link to youtube is on facebook.

There was a bridal shower on Weds. It was movie themed. You were supposed to give her a gift that somehow related to one of you favorite movies. Then later that afternoon we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. That was pretty cool, too.

Thursday we set up for the reception at the hugest house in the history of the world. It was kind of out of control. The people bought three plots of land. The house is only on one, but then they have such the huge yard.

Friday was the day of the wedding! It was so fun. Mykel looked gorgeous, and Matthew looked pretty sharp as well. It was extra fun because Jon came down from Ogden and Rach came up from Saratoga Springs. It was fun to be back with some of my college friends and just hang out like we used to. It kinda made me sad cause that was the last time I would see Jon for two years!! They got married in Salt Lake, and then the reception was in Bountiful. Rachel hung out with me the whole day, which was really fun. It was kind of like back at school, cause we were together the whole time and we talked about everything. I had forgotten how much I missed that. We're big time people watchers, that's for sure.

Overall, my trip was really great. Now, we're just cleaning like crazy around my house to get ready for the open house on Sat. Hopefully it will go well. Matthew, Mykel, and her family are all coming in on Fri, so it should be a pretty fun weekend.

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Matt & Mykel said...

Stacy, so honored to have our wedding be the subject of one of your posts. flattered. tickled pink. love you.