Thursday, January 22, 2015

#tbt and stuff

So I got this new app on my phone called timehop. Apparently it's not actually that new. But it's new to me and I really love it. It shows you what you did on this date (e.g. January 22)  in history according to facebook, instagram, pics on your phone, etc. Turns out I was quite the social butterfly back in the day. Aka, I was regularly updating my status on facebook, uploading new albums of photos on facebook, and let's face it--blogging a lot more.

Anyway, it's so great because it brings back awesome and hilarious memories from previous years. So over the past few weeks I've been taking a screen shot of some of them and texting them to friends/family involved and it's just been super fun. Also, it's so ridiculous and I am regularly reminded of the weird things I do/did. Mostly did. Here are a few examples of some good ones:

This is a picture of Danielle and it's a pretty good representation of oh...every day of her life. Haha, jokes. More like every day when she had work and school and a budding social life (aka baking and picking up sticks with her bf Dillon). Girl can sleep. A lottttttttt. Like a lotta lotta lot. It's really impressive. But I'd like us all to take a minute and check out that form. I mean, girl. Arms e'erywhere, puffy coat still on, glasses properly placed (hopefully this is after the time I stepped on her glasses and broke them so she had to tape them back together with scotch tape). She probs had a solid three hours to go on this nap. Go get 'em, girl.

This picture was taken just over two years ago, just weeks before Rach had her first bay bay Kenny! What's crazy is that her second bebe is due TOMORROW! Whaaaaa?!?! Totes cray. I just remember this is from one day when we were walking home from BYU together to go hang out at her house (basically I force my friends to hang out with me, even if they're super preggo). All I know is Rachel kept laughing when we were walking home and I was legitimately afraid she was going to like go into labor or something. (Hey Rach! I hope you go into labor while reading this! Best friend of the year goes to me!)

And finally, this picture. Holy cow, this is just a perfect representation of everything that was our freshman year at BYU. Can you even believe this was SIX years ago?! Ugh, I hate that...I'm seriously ancient now. It seems like this was just last year or something. Freshman year was basically constant craziness, high energy, screaming, laughing, pranking, partying, and zero sleep. I want to just say I often try to remember when the heck I did homework and what the heck I ate. I honestly cannot figure out how I still managed to get good grades. Anyway, I think this picture is from one time when we were going to like an 80's dance or something. At the time, we were obsessed with show 24 and I think we were trying to act like two teenage girls that were in the first season. The sad thing is, we were pretending to be extra goofy looking, but I'm pretty sure I have approximately one billion other pictures of us with essentially the same faces/attitude/sassiness. I don't know, chock it up to being 19 and living on my own for the first time.

Also, look. It's a selfie from before selfies were a thing. #winning

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