Wednesday, July 9, 2014

part three-lio of the wedding dealio.

I have great news! This is the last post about the wedding and wedding pictures! How neat is that?! These last pictures are from the wedding reception. Before the reception we took some more family pictures (variety, people!) and bridesmaid and groomsmen pictures (again, variety! also increasing the chances of a picture with everyone smiling!). I kind of love the background of those pictures. It seems kind of forest-y while also being right in front of an emergency care center, two of my favorite things haha. No, but really. I like the trees.

Also there are pictures of the reception! I was so in love with everything at my reception. The venue, the decorations, the flowers, the food, and most especially all the people! Levi and I were blown away by how many people came out to support us! We basically had a constant flow of people for an hour and a half and it was amazing. We felt so loved by so many people! If there is one thing I have learned from going through the whole wedding process, it is that so many people are so kind and giving and incredibly generous! I hope that Levi and I will be able to reciprocate that kindness and generosity to future couples who get married.

Overall, it was such a great night and for us it was perfect. Thank you so much to everyone who came to our reception or who helped in anyway with preparation, set up, and any other aspect. We love you!

As a reminder, the vendors we used for the reception were:

Photography: Lindsey Orton Photography
Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Steph
Wedding Dress: Debbie Camp. If you want her phone number, please let me know!! (Even if I've never met you, I'm not kidding!)
Levi's Suit: Mr. Mac
Groomsmen and Family Ties: Solid Color Neckties
Reception Center: Bella Vista
Flowers: Jill Kramer. Again, I have her contact information (or you could contact her through Bella Vista).
Decorations: Basically these were all done by my family!
Catering: Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake
Cake: Kristen from Snow Blossom Bakery


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