Monday, July 7, 2014

one of us can pick out their hair (levi, obvi) and the other is the real MVP (me, obvi)

oklahoma city, you haven't killed me yet.

We've been here for over a month now and I don't hate the place. In fact, I'm a huge fan. Both Levi and I feel really good about where we are right now and are really happy about our surroundings. Oklahoma is such a great place. The people here are so friendly and happy and it's great. As you might know, we're in Oklahoma City right now, but as soon as summer institute training is over for Levi, we're moving down to Moore and I CANNOT WAIT. As much as I love this studio apartment that has none of my stuff, I can't wait to move into our beautiful, gorgeous amazing apartment down in Moore. We've really been counting our blessings lately because we really shouldn't have gotten the apartment that we did. We were on a waiting list and didn't make it to the top for available july apartments so we thought all was lost but then there was a surprise availability and we got the apartment! We are incredibly grateful for it and we will be the entire time we live there!  Anyway, we technically already have the keys to our apartment and have even taken a few things down there but we're still living up here since I mean, Levi has to be at the bus at 6:30 am and also free food for him here and also free air conditioning and plus it would be a 20 minute drive, so I mean. But next FRIDAY! 11 days! I cannot wait!!!! And the Monday after that my parents will be arriving with all our beautiful and amazing wedding gifts and also the remainder of our belongings and I swear my mind will explode of happiness. We've been living in limbo for about two months and I just cannot wait to finally be settled into our own place that we won't have to move out of for a long time and I'll be able to make dinner and it's just going to be the best.


Other things have been happening in our lives and I now wish to share those things with you.

First of all, Levi is teaching. Here he is after his first day of successfully teaching little first graders. Fast forward to today and he only has three days left of summer school! Yeah!

A few weeks ago we went to the Oklahoma City temple which is actually in Yukon. Also, turns out we literally drove RIGHT past it when we were driving into Oklahoma City for the first time. As in it was on the right side of the road and we just drove on past. But in our defense (well, mostly my defense because I had somehow rerouted us and so I thought we definitely weren't going to be driving past it), it was night time so we maybe wouldn't have seen it anyway? Anyway, it was great. It's just right there in the middle of a nice little neighborhood and it's so small and we love it.

So, it turns out that contrary to my previous claims, you can't actually eat spaghetti 62 days in a row as I had been planning to do. Something weird happened with my digestive system or something and I was feeling very strange for a few days so I'm choosing to blame it on the mass amounts of spaghetti that were consumed. Anyway, I bought a chicken and I was hoping it would help. It was a really good chicken.

For months I've been begging Levi to show me what it looks like when he picks out his hair. One day he surprised me when he came out of the bathroom and it was such a great moment. I mean, look at it. Don't you just feel like you should say it's groovy or something? I also really wish for you to see pictures of Levi's hair in high school when it was way longer and so picking it out was significantly more hilarious. I love this guy. And that hair.

Dillon and Danielle are such great friends. I mean, look! They mailed us pesto bread and a gigantic cinnamon roll bread thing. It's just like the good old days when we would go over to their apartment and they would make us lots of delicious food and we would eat it all and then leave. Such a good friendship.

Have you ever watched Gilmore Girls? There is one thing you need to know about Gilmore Girls. They are always, I repeat, ALWAYS eating food. Every time we watch an episode we get hungry even though we really have no need to be hungry because we just ate a few hours ago but then they're eating burgers and fries and fancy meals and pizza and chinese (always chinese!) and it can make even the fullest stomach grumble for want of food. So one day, Levi and I decided to beat the system. We wanted to show those Gilmore Girls who was boss! And boss them we did! It was a weekend night and we decided to get Chinese (okay, Panda Express but it still counts) and eat it on our bed while we watched an episode of Gilmore Girls. It was seriously so fun and it made me really happy. Also, maybe Levi isn't going to like that I always talk about how we watch Gilmore Girls because maybe "all the boys" will think he's turned girly which he totally hasn't. I guess you just get a little desperate when you spend 14 hours a day with Teach for America and it's a nice little something to look forward to at the end of the day. So sue him.

It is important for you to understand something about Levi. He likes to play this special game. Say for example that we need to leave to go somewhere. So I'll say, "Hey, are you going to be ready in ten minutes?" I'm not saying it in a "there's no way you'll be ready in ten minutes so I just want you to know you're running behind" because that's mean and that's not what I'm trying to do. I'm saying it in a "would ten minutes be a good estimate for when we're going to be ready to leave?" Anyway, I'll say that and he'll say yes and then in ten minutes as I'm putting on lotion or my earrings or some other final touch he will have speedily dressed and stuff and he'll be ready just seconds (literally, seconds) before I'm ready and then he'll pace the apartment saying, "Just waitin' on you. Yep, I'm just here all ready to go and I'm just waitin' on you." It's pretty funny because he likes to pretend that he's been ready forever and that I thought he would never be ready in ten minutes and now would you look at that! he was ready first. 

Anyway, this picture is from one time when I was totes ready first and he was still in the bathroom or the shower or something so I texted him this from the kitchen along with a note that said "just waitin' on you." It was good stuff. In other news, that's our mini baby garbage can they gave us. In other other news, I broke those flips flops the other day when I was trying to get ketchup and mayo (to make fry sauce, of course) at the cafeteria and apparently people had been spilling ketchup everywhere (come on! are we all five years old?!) and so the ground was sticky and my flip flop got stuck as I tried to step away and the strap finally broke. It had been just clinging to life for the past two years, so it was time for them to go, but it was really sad and they were almost six years old so I was proud of them for the life they lived.

And finally, these pictures are from when we went to the patiently awaited for trip to Kevin Durant's restaurant in the beloved OKC. Levi was soooooooooo (times a billion) excited to go and I'll be honest, it was pretty awesome and really fun and also the food was delicious. Also Kevin Durant. I mean, come on. He's basically an idol in this Heperi home. And rightfully so. Also, I have a secret wish that one day we'll go to KD's restaurant and KD himself will be there and he'll walk up to me and say, "You the real MVP." I mean, a girl can dream, right? (But to be totally serious, I loved KD's MVP speech and thought that line was actually the best thing ever, so I'm kidding around with my dream, but I really do think he's amazing and if I did see him at that restaurant I would probably cry of happiness or something else equally embarrassing.)

Okay, the end.

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