Thursday, December 12, 2013

mostly just a report of the food I ate on my birthday.

I had my birthday over two weeks ago (oops) and let me tell you, it was neat. So many friends and family members wished me a happy birthday and many sent texts, made calls, sent cards, etc. to wish me the happiest of days. Levi was the very nicest and made the day the very most special. You see, one great thing about your birthday is that you get to eat whatever you want. And that's pretty much how my birthday went.

The morning of my birthday, Levi made me breakfast and let me tell you something: cinnamon banana pancakes with peanut butter and that one syrup that's not maple syrup is serrrrrriously my favvvvv. When I imagine people making me breakfast now, I think about those cinnamon banana pancakes with peanut butter and that one delicious syrup that's not maple syrup and I probably come close to visibly salivating. Which, by the way, no one wants to see.

So anyway.

No lunch was required on that day because I ate a significantly larger breakfast than my usual bowl or two of Wheat Chex.  I have this strange ability to eat Wheat Chex for days and not even realize how boring it is until I finally decide to buy cinnamon oatmeal squares and I'm like, seriously?! What kind of bird food have I been eating for the past month?!  Why did I let myself waste away eating box after box of Western Family brand of Wheat Chex?!  But I digress.

Like, I said, we skipped lunch entirely. Later that evening Levi took me to Carraba's.  I've never been there but now I just want everyone to know that once in your life you should go to Carraba's and I suggest that it be on your birthday.  They start you off with this delicious basket of bread and then a salad. And yeah, it was just bread and salad, but OH MAN. That bread was so totes delish. And that salad! It was just a caesar salad, but I specifically remember it being like woah. Yum. Then I ordered Chicken Marsala and I'm almost entirely sure I died and went to heaven. Man, that stuff is good. I even had it with mashed potatoes and I don't even eat mashed potatoes but OH MAN those mashed potatoes!  It was so great.

Also, Levi had salmon. Sometimes I feel bad for him because fish freaks me out and so I don't eat it or ever make it or ever suggest that we go to places that even remotely smell like it because I think it's sick. And so that means he doesn't ever really get fish. Or sushi.  Poor guy. On our first date, I unintentionally dissed his favorite sushi place/second home (that's a story for another time) and we've only had sushi twice since dating. I'm a terrible girlfriend. But I just want everyone to know that I have suggested that we go to Happy Sumo sometime, so I feel like that should give me a few bonus girlfriend points or something. (Plus, I found out that Happy Sumo serves other food besides sushi so it's a safe zone for me.) But I digress. Again.

Anyway, we had dinner and one more thing about that: I'm pretty sure the girls at the table next to us were trying to get the waiter to go on a date with one of them or something. It was interesting.

On the way home, Levi was asking me what kind of dessert I wanted and at the time I was totes def full, but he just wanted me to start thinking about it (homeboy knows I stuh-ruggle with making complicated decisions like that, so he want to give me plenty of time). But for once in my life, I knew exactly what I wanted. A cazookie!  Those half-baked cookie things that make you so happy you want to hug everyone.  Yes, that's what I wanted. So we quickly went to the grocery store and picked up some peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough and some candles (you know, sticking with the spirit of birthdays and all). We came back to my apartment and I think I had to take a food nap on the couch for a while because I was still pretty stuffed.

While I maintained slug status on the couch, Levi whipped up the cazookie and threw it in the oven like a pro.  When it came out, I had risen from the couch (duh, I could smell cookies.) and was ready to eat it. But!  First we had to put in the candles and then Levi had to sing me happy birthday first! (Which, sidenote: Levi sang happy birthday to me so many times that day using all different kinds of voice--cowboy voice, southern accent, probably vampire voice and opera voice and a bunch more, INCLUDING his personal favorite--Thor voice. Oy.)  Anyway, as we were putting the candles in we realized that candles don't actually stay standing in half-baked cookie dough.  That was unfortunate. So then we tried putting them around the edge of the pan so they would kind of stand themselves up, but it turns out the side of the pan was pretty hot and then mostly the candles were just melting super fast. It was kind of hilarious as Levi attempted to get all the candles lit before they were all melted and since I was next to no help ("Ah! That's one's melting so fast! Let me get in your way and grab it! Ooh, this one went out!  Ew, wax!  Let me get in your way again and pick out the wax!"), the task was fairly difficult.  But we finally got a bunch of them lit and then Levi sang a speedy happy birthday and I blew them out and not a single fire alarm went off and no children were harmed in the making of my birthday treat, so we're going to call that one a success.

Overall, my birthday was the bee's knees. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and also to everyone who didn't because I still think you guys are neat. Just don't forget next year. No, but seriously. I'm going to keep track.


Also, thanks to you guys who just read this story about my birthday that was mostly just a story about what I ate on my birthday. My b.

But most of all, thanks to my number one main man Levi for making it a day full of fabulous food and a few of my favorite things (except I'm not talking about raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens because neither of those things even make it to my list of mildly interesting things.)


Mom said...

Yay! A blog post! Made my day. Glad your birthday was so spectacular. Hmmmm...where in the world did you ever learn to dislike fish so??? You are a woman after my own heart:).

Unknown said...

Double yay! (doubled just for funsies)