Thursday, June 27, 2013

graduation trip, part FINAL.

We have finally arrived at the final installment of what I like to call the graduation trip series.  In fact I think you should all call it that, because well, that's what it is.

After the terrifically long Mets game, we had Sunday off.  We went to church (which, of course, was listed online as starting at 11, but really it started at ten.  We arrived just after 11 and walked into the chapel and all the way up to the second row for everyone to see, only to have them start the closing hymn immediately after we sat down. Hilariously embarrassing.)  Then that afternoon we went with Danny and Lena to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, which was really cool because there were a ton of people and this girl right here LOVES people watching so it was incredibly ideal.

The next morning we headed off to Baltimore.  The day was looking stormy and rainy and we weren't really sure what exactly Baltimore would look like.  By the time we arrived in Baltimore, it had at least stopped raining, which was good.  But holy to the cow, it was humid.  No idea why I bothered doing my hurr because two seconds after we walked out of the hotel my hair was like, oh yeah, I hate you and I will now proceed to frizz like nobody's business. I said, thank you hair, punched it in the face, and then pulled it back into a ponytail.  When we arrived at the game, we had awesome seats under an overhang on the lower deck just along the third base line, which proved to be quite convenient later on.

The game against the Angels started out alright, but it was raining a little bit.  As the innings progressed it started raining a little bit harder and harder.  People started moving back to seats like ours that were under an overhang and things started getting a little cray cray on the field.  Hit balls would bounce weird, players would slide past the plate and the poor pitcher had wet hands to throw a wet ball.  Finally in the middle of the game, they called for a rain delay.  Which meant we had to wait it out.

Turns out it wasn't so bad because a) dad bought us a funnel cake which I had never had before and it was amaaaaaaazing, b) they showed Bugs Bunny cartoons to pass the time, and c) this kid who was like 10 and was from Memphis sat next to me and we talked baseball for a good long while and he had the most adorable little accent and the kid knew his stuff (Me: "Boo, Albert Pujols runs so slow!" Kid (in a most serious, all-knowing tone): "Ma'am, it's cause he's injured." I about died.  Also, when dad got the funnel cake, I accidentally breathed too hard or laughed or something when I went to eat it, which made powdered suger end up alllll over my pants.  My little friend thought it was hilarious and couldn't believe that I would make such a rookie mistake. "You've never had funnel cake before?  Gee!")  After a short 2 hours and 14 min, the game finally resumed and the Orioles came out on top.  Winners!  It was funny because the actual game time was only 2 hours and 23 minutes, which is very short.  But with the rain delay, we were there for nearly 5 hours.  Still, there's a first for everything. For example, I'd never seen the shortstop's area turn into a lake.

The next day, we headed to our very last game, which was in Pittsburgh.  The Pirates were playing the Giants, so obvi I was cheering for the Giants seeing as they are one of the teams from back home.  Generally, I'm more of an A's fan, but still.  But apparently the Pirates had this brand new pitcher, Gerritt Cole, who was going to be making his debut.  The place was packed.  We had AWESOME seats maybe 20 rows behind home plate, so we got to see little Gerritt in all his glory.  Aaaaand turns out the kid was pretty dang good.  Smoked the Giants.  I have to give it to the guy, he did a way super good job for his first major league appearance.  Holy wow.

Also at this game, dad taught me how to score a game!  As in, I had one of those scoring cards that the moms fill out at the little league games and I learned all the little symbols and markings and such.  I totes for sure need more practice, but I now have permission to have children who want to play little league because now I can be a contributing team mom.  Plus, I make very good cookies and am a pro orange slicer.  What more do you need?

Oh another thing about this game, slowest concessions system of my life.  I felt supes bad for dad because he went and got the hot dogs all by himself so I could continue to score the game and he was gone for TWO INNINGS.  I mean, that's just straight up ridiculous.  So I'm looking at you, Pirates stadium concessions manager.  Get your act together, because that was straight up cray.

After the game ended, I was a little sad about how the trip was over and how we really had gone to all those games.  But it turns out there was one more fun little activity for us.  Homelessness!  Haha, since the game got out late and our flight was supes early in the morning and we would have to leave for the airport at like 4 am, dad was like, "Ain't nobody got time for a hotel!"  Which meant we went and slept in the car in the parking lot of Denny's.  See, I think you think I'm kidding, but I'm totes one million not.  I legitimately spent the night in the Denny's parking lot.  Seriously going down as one of the funniest things I've ever done.  Granted, it wasn't super fun at the time, but looking back at it now, I'm like, that's hilar.  We got 2 or 3 hours of sleep in and then since we were already at Denny's, we figured what the heck?  Why not have some breakfast at 3:30 in the morning?!  Haha, it was great.  I looked so good.  Also, note to self and also you should make a note of this, too:  the people who go to Denny's at 3:30 in the morning are not the people that you would generally want to associate with.  For example, exhibit A who was sitting near us said the following AND I QUOTE: "Feminism is stupid because, I mean, it's just WRONG.  Women are fundamentally lower than men in everything, so it's just stupid."  If there's one thing that can tick me off so good even when I'm running on practically no sleep is when someone tells me that I'm fundamentally "lower" than them in every way (WHICH, by the way, I'm so glad he was such a smart person and didn't even know to use the word "inferior" instead of "lower"). Seriously, I wanted to punch the kid soooooo bad, you have no idea.  But I refrained, which was probably good because I wanted to go home...and not to jail.

Anyway, after that we headed to the airport and good thing dad is a super flier which meant we got to be in all the shortcut lines and get through security super fast.  But then we had to say our goodbyes and it was sad.  I just want to give a HUGE shout out to my dad who did ALL the planning and scheduling to make this trip a possibility.  It was seriously an amazing trip and I loved that I got to spend lots of time with him and of course, I love that I got to go to so many games.  It was definitely a trip that I'll never forget.  Thank you SO one million much, Dad!  It was really the best.

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You did it! Good for you:)! Glad to finally hear the details of what happened!!!