Wednesday, April 24, 2013

so many hilarious things.

Here's the thing: I'm done with college.  And that sentence right there breaks my heart into a million little pieces, and I'm not even exaggerating.  Everything inside of me just wishes it would never ever end.  I just want it to keep going on forever and ever and ever and then for a while longer after that.  I just LOVE college.  I love (almost) everything about it.  I LOVE learning. I LOVE being taught.  I LOVE seeing new people every single day who are also learning.  I LOVE working on campus. I LOVE making friends. I LOVE BYU more than I ever thought I would.  I mean, I seriously can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with BYU. It might actually be ridiculous.

I'm that girl that can walk into a room on campus or past a certain tree or to a certain table in the library and I can remember a specific experience that happened right there and it makes me smile.  There are these computers in the library in the periodicals section (ew!  so glad I stopped studying there after sophomore year--so lame!). Anway, there are these computers and I remember Rach had met me there and we were talking, talking, talking, and then the guy sitting next to us asked us to finish our conversation outside and we were like, uhhh, ok?  It was super awkward and also hilarious.

There was that time (in the picture above) when Kirby Heybourne (a mormon celebrity of sorts) came to campus and Rach brought my camera to school because she wanted to get her picture with him?  But then we didn't want to wait in line so we just took this picture and it KILLS me every time I look at it.  The whole situation is something that I can't think about without laughing.

Then there was that other time when Rach and I were walking past the candy counter in the bookstore and I saw our American Heritage professor coming (who we were obsessed with) and I was discreetly trying to tell Rachel where he was by saying "He's at 11 o'clock. Look, there he is! 11 o'clock, now 10 o'clock." And  then really loudly Rach said something like, "10 o'clock? Which way is that? Oh, 10 o'clock is this way," at which point our professor was like right in front of her face. It was so funny, but maybe you had to be there.

There is the little walk from the back of the library to work in the JFSB where me and Janelle (and others) would walk after Soc 311 and there was that time when people were throwing these little army men that had parachutes and CANDY attached to them and we spent a solid five minutes out there waiting for some to come to us and I may or may not have been yelling up to them telling them to throw one directly at me. And I was doing all of this during a high traffic time and I'm pretty sure everyone wanted to punch me but Janelle was laughing and that was fine with me.

Speaking of Soc 311, there are only like a million memories from that class including and in depth discussion about Normandy? on 11/11/11 and we weren't sure if we were supposed to be taking notes on this unrelated subject and also we just wanted to be watching the clock until it hit 11:11 am and 11 seconds on 11/11/11 in Soc 311.  The stuff about Normandy was not on the test, but there was another time when my professor did some cray cray stretches right in front of me while we were doing group work and that seriously stressed me out.

Then there is the upstairs lobby in Penrose Hall where Rach and I were supposed to be studying for a final but instead I was quizzing her on how to say especially, false/faults, Kelsey, and a variety of other words that she had been saying incorrectly her entire life.  Also, I probably tried to get her to say coupon  like coo-pon in stead of q-pon.  She didn't really want to give that one up, but I think she has since started to say coo-pon.  I'm so proud of her.

Also, there was every Friday freshman year when we would use the last of our meal plan money to treat ourselves to lunch at the Cougareat!  And I would always need to get two cups of water.  Even to this day, if Rach and I go to the Cougareat, she always knows that I need two cups of ice water. I mean, come on you guys. One cup is only enough for a baby!

Then there was that time in physical science when a slide popped up on the screen and all it said was, "Does anyone here have epilepsy?" and me and Rach were like, "What the?" and then he went on to tell us that he was going to use a strobe light so he just needed to warn anyone that had epilepsy.  And while it might not be entirely appropriate, every time we are somewhere and a strobe light goes off, we always yell, "Hey! No one asked me if I had epilepsy before the strobe light started!"

Then there is the courtyard in front of the JFSB where I told Keish that a guy had kissed me and it was weird because I hadn't even told Rach yet and so I texted her right then but also Keech was supes excited and I was like, ID even K and I'm pretty sure everyone on campus could hear what was going on.

Then there is that bench on the west side of the first floor of the JSB (not the JFSB) where me and Zeb studied for a quiz freshman year after watching some movie for American Heritage and that was when I was like, hey I think I'm friends with this guy. We spent like an hour talking about how I had written the rule book to life or something so I was obviously always right and it was just funny.

Then there is that bench on the second floor of the JSB where Rach and I studied for that idiot MCOM grammar test for hours and then we still did not do so awesome.  Also, there's that bathroom in the Tanner Building that Rach and I would use everyday between Biology and MCOM and then we would go sit on the benches by the elevator and read the Police Beat.

There's the classroom in the JKB(eezy) where Zeb and I had class once and we would always bring snacks even though the sign said "No food or drink" but I mean, we had to or else I was going to fall asleep.  We always hoped someone would bless our snacks when they said a prayer at the beginning, but they never did. That was also the class where Zeb would eat my gross bird food granola bars and where we would spell our names out of pretzels and where Zeb would pat my desk saying, "the, the" instead of "there, there."  That class was funny.

Then there's basically every study room ever in the library because I'm pretty sure I've been in all of them with the one and only Christina Harrison, my first sociology friend.  In fact, I remember the first study room we ever studied in together. Aaron was there, too, and we became a pretty good core group that always studied for Soc tests together and I'm not actually kidding when I say I'm pretty sure I've been in every study room with Christina.  Also, during one of our Study Sessions we watched "Lockout Professionals" and to this day I still quote it with Aaron. "Nice bee pun, Aaron." "Thanks, Stacy." "You're welcome, Aaron." "Okay."  So funny.

I remember this bench I was sitting on when I called my mom one day and she was telling me about the names they were coming up with to name the girls camp back home and I thought there were all so unoriginal, but whatever.

I remember the class I had in the JKB where I would sit by the window and every day before class there would be this super one million PDA couple that would be right outside and apparently they had a lot of trouble separating their lips from each other for class because I swear they would make out for a solid 20 minutes. I would get to class, see that they were already out there kissing, and then I would check up on them every 3 or 4 minutes and they would still be going at it.  Seriously, I was impressed with their dedication.

There are the benches in front of the ASB where I would meet Rach for lunch during the summer all the time and we would do so many dumb things like dance and yell and kick grapes and try to catch goldfish in our mouths and do mini-plays like a bunch of idiots and now that I think of it, I really hope the people in the library (just south of us) couldn't see us.  Actually, more importantly, I hope that Cecil (the school president) couldn't see us from his office in the ASB. Hmm, that never even occurred to me.

So many good times on BYU campus.  It's just the saddest thing to me that my time here as a student is coming to a close. I just want to cry, I'm that pathetic.  This has been the best place ever for me.  THE BEST.  I couldn't have asked for anything better or more amazing or more perfect for me.  I hope to write a few more posts about the things I've learned at BYU, but this is just a start.  Oh, how I love this place. I know I've said it before, but to anyone and everyone in college, I want to say again: Appreciate your time here, because it is too soon gone.  Even when school is overwhelming and stressful and too much is going on and you feel like things just aren't working out right and you don't have the friends or relationships that you thought you would, I hope you can remember how good it is to be here. Don't forget how good it is that you are getting a college education and that there is so much that college can offer you and so much you can offer to the world in return. So many good times, so many good experiences, so much good goes on here and I don't ever want to forget that.

p.s. as always, I'm super sorry this ended up being so long. man, I'm the worst at keeping posts short.

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Anonymous said...

Okay seriously, if Ken's friend (Matt Hatch) wasn't over right now while I was reading this, I think I would be in tears right now. Gosh, I just HATE thinking how all of this is ending. I loved it so much, and I love when you do recaps of this kind of stuff because I seriously have such a bad memory, so it's fun to think about these things that I forgot about. Dang, I'm glad that you prayed to be my roommate. :)