Friday, April 12, 2013

sorry sorry sorry.

Guys, guys, guys. I'm sorry. I've turned into a horrible blogger. I was doing such a good job and then this last week. Well, dang it.

So here's the thing: I have two fairly large papers that I need to write for my classes and then I'll be done and then I just have finals, but I'm not really worried about that, because oh yeah. I only have one final.  Because yes. I'm only taking 7.5 credits. Nbd.  But before I can even deal with that, I just really need to finish these two papers.

Also, I'm tired. Today at work there wasn't enough going on and seriously not a joke, I kept nodding off and it was mildly embarrassing.  What's a girl to do, you know?

Anyway, my papers are going to be awesome. I just have to do them. That's the trouble, really.

Also, I think that's all I have to say right now.

And look, I'm not even including a picture. I'm the lamest.

Actually, jk. Here is a picture of my little brother. You are welcome because ID even K what he's doing, but it looks like he's having a great time.


Mom said...

Possibly wearing "Mardi Gra" beads,hiking up a new trail discovered in your hometown, and picking poppies (oh yeah, those are the state he was a bit worried the state police would be showing up on our door). You know...just havin' fun!

Shannon Mashinchi said...

You are not a horrible blogger Stacy! You are an equally committed student! I look forward to more blogging from you...get your papers done!

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