Sunday, March 31, 2013

fire burning.

(do you like this artsy fartsy photo?  I bet Rach does)

So speaking of my brother's brother's wedding was the summer after my freshman year of college (actually, both of my brothers got married that summer, but right now I'm talking about Matthew's wedding).  Anyway, that was the summer that I lived at home.  It was great and all, but I really missed my roommates, totes especially Rach.  That summer her and I skyped for 1 or 2 hours about once a week and it was kind of the highlight of my week, not a joke.  (Seriously, I had like two friends at home and they both worked more/at different times than me, so...).

So when we came back for the wedding, I was super jazzed when I found out that I could stay at Rach's house one night a few days before the wedding.  I remember my grandparents were going to drop me off at her work and then I would go with her to her house.  I remember getting out of the van, walking into the store (Ross! Dress for less!) and seeing Rachel there. See, there's this thing about me and Rach and that is that we don't hug.  I have absolutely no idea why, but we just don't ever hug.  So I remember when I saw her, I knew we should probs hug, but idk, it was weird.  In fact, I don't think we really even knew that we had never really hugged until right then when were like, well this is weird because I don't think we've ever done this before. Ha, it was funny.

The rest of the evening was pretty awesome because we made this music video, but mostly because we were together again.  Being at Rachel's house that night was just the best and it was just like we were living together again.  We were dumb and loud and crazy and obnoxious and I felt bad for her parents because of how dumb and loud and crazy and obnoxious we were.  But seriously, such a good day and such a good music video, right?

A few days later, she came up for my brother's wedding and spent the whole day with me (except for the luncheon, when I think she went and read a book in a parking lot? haha, such a good friend).  We went and had sno cones after with my family and I remember sitting on the curb with her thinking, man it's good to be together again. Then after that, she spent the entire reception hanging out with me.  I remember we were trying to find the place where the reception was being held and we were stuh-ruggling with directions, but it was okay because we were listening to "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston and having a dance party in the car. Which, by the way, it's always a dance party in Rachel's car, not a joke.  Rach is the world's best dancing-while-driving person that I've ever met.  Girl can work it.

And then at the reception we mostly manned the gift table and ate cheesecake and restarted the music CD whenever it stopped and spent like an hour taking pictures of ourselves (talk about typical teenagers, sheesh).  We would try to take pictures of us laughing, which usually meant we would take pictures of us fake laughing until we were actual laughing from how dumb the fake laughing was and then we were able to capture some pictures of us real laughing.  It's an impressive strategy that we've worked out and it works like a charm.

That was probably one of the best weeks of the summer for me.  Most of it was because of my brother's wedding, but a good part of it was because I got to see Rachel. Rachel is one of THE greatest people in the whole world (mostly because she laughs really hard at all my jokes) and I can't even count the number of times I've thought about how lucky I was to end up being roommates with her.  Because, not a joke guys, we're perfect for each other.  Not very many people move into their freshman apartment and randomly end up sharing a room with their best friend.

But I did.
And it was perfect.

P.S. some bonus feature gems starring Rachel.


Beth Scanlon said...

old friends to let go with are the best

Mykel said...

Glad to hear it was the best week of your life. Mine too:) But I think Rachel was the real reason. SO glad she came. Love you Stacy.