Saturday, March 23, 2013

curdled milk and other gross things in my apartment.

Hey, so remember this post from so long ago about how everything in my apartment is falling apart, most importantly our fridge?

Yeah, well it turns out that if you go in and talk to BYU Off-Campus Housing, things start to be taken care of real quick.  I went and talked to housing yesterday, and when I came home from school today I found the repairmen realizing that the fridge was beyond repair and that it would need to be replaced immediately. Thank you and I could have told you that myself?

So that meant we had the awesome job of clearing out ALL the food in the fridge that had gone bad including the most disgusting gallon of milk that had the grossest curdled stuff in it and just thinking about it is making me gag.  GUYS, we filled four garbage bags full of food and I cried a little bit with each thing that was thrown into the bag I was holding (because, let's be honest: I was holding the bag and Danielle was taking the food out of the fridge because bad food makes me gag super one million easy style).

To our amazement, within an hour they had brought us a brand new refrigerator.  Best thing ever. Well, it's the second best thing ever. The best thing ever was the combination of the wonderful opportunity we had to have a fridge that didn't work for a week and to have our kitchen smell like dead bodies and then to have to throw out a couple hundred dollar's worth of food.  JOKES.

But look!  Our new fridge!  Stocked full of food!  PSYCH. It's actually the saddest fridge ever. Except that is a holiday ham.  Seriously, Danielle and I went to the grocery store on our way home from a concert tonight and all we got was milk, juice, and that holiday ham.  I know I say this all the time now, but gosh dang it, we're worth it.

Author's note: Danielle wanted me to tell you that I lied. When we went grocery shopping, we also bought some other things. She bought this weird Reese's bar and I bought two Snickers bars. I'm double worth because I'm running a 5k tomorrow. I need the calories.


danielle said...

Totes def worth it times one million, gf! And I am worth it for that experimental Reese's bar that I got, hwhich you so rudely forgot to mention.

Shannon Mashinchi said...

Oh my gosh...before I wrote tonight I came to your blog (my nightly ritual of checking a bunch of blogs) and saw you hadn't written yet...How was I going to go to sleep! :D

Seriously, glad your fridge is fixed (new!), sorry you had to throw out food (we had to do that with our freezer once...a hundred pounds of grain fed beef...gone), and now you can make ham tomorrow!

Plus, the snickers were definitely a plus!

Unknown said...

Nothing worse than a fridge full of bad food. Glad that you found a way to get a new one!