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mad 8 and the foxy foxhood 12

So last night we had a sophomore/junior year get together.  It was splendid.  It has been fun to see where our lives have taken us since those magical years that we lived together. For example, marriage and babies. Since Rachel had her baby on Thursday, that is now my fourth roommate that has had a baby.  Cray cray!  So Rachel and Margaret weren't there and Katie and Kelsey and Catie are on missions, but the four of us were able to get together and it was quite splendid.  It's always fun to get together again and catch up and reminisce about when we lived together.  We were seriously so weird and crazy, it kills me.  Also, Kennedy literally has the cutest child ever, not a joke.

Anyway, today I was going through some old emails and not only did I find a gem from Rachel telling me that her email was, but I also found the "Roommate Final" that Rachel wrote at the end of sophomore year.  I seriously die when reading it.  So I thought I'd share it for some jolly good laughter. It's from second semester, so Kennedy and Margaret were on study abroad so they weren't really included in the questions, but it's still pretty hilarious if you ask me.

Also, I can't believe I just went through and put all my answers in parentheses...I don't know if they're all right, but those are my guesses.

Key: Racha=Rachael Thompson (Calquin) , Keish, Keech=Keisha Lake (Hendricks), Rach=Rachel Manning (Alford), Katie=Katie Cutler!, Kels=Kelsey, and me=me (Stacy!)

My roommates and I have a running joke that at the end of each semester we are going to administer a roommate final exam to see how well we know one another.

Roommates, if you want a study guide for this semester's exam, here it is. Make sure you know 
ALL that's on this post.

1. Learn what Katie's favorite animal is. If you aren't sure, listen to when she sleep talks because apparently that is all she dreams about.(Horses)
2. Watch Kelsey when she does her hair. What does she always say when she finally gets it done?
3. Learn about Keisha's favorite words. Specifically, she has three that she likes. (Clearly, obviously, whatnot)
4. There is something Katie does that is unique when she washes her hands. What does she do? (2 things) (that squeezy soap sound!)
5. Who likes to play "Guess what price I paid for this, but make sure that you guess more than you really think" game? (Rach)

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6. Describe Rachael Thompson’s closet. Specifically, look to see if there are any patterns. (stripes!)
7. What fruit (some people argue that it’s a vegetable) does Keisha try to get into every piece of food she eats? I’ve even seen her try to put it into gum. (tomato)
8. Look into the three different bedrooms at our apartment. Which bedroom is the cleanest? (Keish and Rach) Which one is typically the messiest? (Rach and I?)Which three roommates typically make their bed every morning? (Rach, Keish, Rachael T)
9. Which roommates like to sing? Which roommate is always singing? (Kelsey) Which roommate is always singing, even if they only know one phrase of a song? (Kelsey)
10. Out of all of the roommates, which one is most likely to wear heels? (Rachael T) How tall is this roommate without heels?
11. Name all of the incest that has/is taking place between our apartment and our FHE family.
12. What are the names of the three different bedrooms and why?
13. Who is the coolest female singer? (TAYLORRR)
14. Fill in the blank- "Don't leave me here in the dark _________ ___ my broken heart." ("picking up"?)
15. Who was the prankster on April Fool's? (Who did the most pranks?) (Kelsey)
16. Who has said before "Yeah, when you guys aren't home, I walk around nude". (Katie)
17. What does Stacy do with her floss container when she is done using it? (throw it? I can't remember)
18. Who sits down when they are doing their make-up? (2 people) (Keech and Rachael T)
19. Who squints their (left?) eye when doing their hair? (Keech)
20. Name the typical times everyone takes a shower and in which bathroom.
21. Who got 4 quotes on the quote board within 10 minutes? (prolls Katie)
22. Which roommate "hardly uses the windshield" when driving? (def Katie)
23. Who is able to tell you every single person that has ever walked into the Periodicals section while they were in there studying? (me...)
24. Who provided the boarder-line-pedophile picture of Zac Efron? (Keech?)
25. Who provided the ridiculously good picture of Zac Efron? (Rach)
26. What is the name of the dog that peed so many times on my dad's pillow that the dog had to be given away? (Miloooo)
27. Which roommate had a bee fly down their shirt and sting them 4 times? (Rach) Was this roommate wearing a modest shirt or an immodest shirt? (Toes immodest, jk super modest)
28. Who uses the Mango Mandarin spray the most? (ha, get it?)
29. Which roommate is unable to reach light switches? (Keech)
30. Who got the cops called to Liberty Square? (was that me? I have no idea...)
31. Who paid for 2 parking passes at Liberty Square? (Rach--love this story)
32. Which roommate has the most, and the most organized, food? (Keech)
33. Which roommate has looked through the Bridal Magazines at least 8 times each and is able to critique/criticize every page except the table of contents? (sadly, me.  don't worry guys, I gave up that embarrassing--it's just that there were always weddings!)
34. Who is winning the "Straight-faced game"? (TOTES me...jk, prolls Rach)
35. Who gets scared when a kitty walks across the screen when they're watching a thriller movie? (Kels)
36. Who ripped their pants but fixed it with duct-tape? (Ha, I don't remember...keech? Rach? Katie?)
37. Who has the best eye sight in our apartment but wears glasses? (Keech)
38. Who has picture frames hanging up without all of the pictures filled? (Keech)
39. Who was the only one who printed out their glamor shot picture? (Rach--haha, love this)
40. Who has broken the most dishes in our apartment?
41. Who broke the fan? (Rach--haha, she punched it)
42. Who broke the light bulb cover for the fan? (me)
43. Who broke the cable?
44. Who broke the toilet?
45. Who broke the microwave dish?
46. Who has broken a chair?
47. Who broke my lamp? (No, but really, who did? haha)
48. Who has broken their laptop at least once this year? (Rach? Keish?)
49. Who has caught a spatula on fire? (Rach?)
50. Who has melted a spatula? (Rach?  Although I think I did one of these spatula things...)
51. Who has flushed live fish down the toilet? (ha, me.  I'm a horrible person)
52. Who has a sign above their bed that says "This is where amazing happens." (totes me. I have money sheets, too. Go ahead. Judge me.)
53. Who cackles when they laugh? (dang it, is this me?)
54. Who can't be quiet when spitting their toothpaste out? (me)
55. Who's boyfriend gave a Priesthood blessing that malfunctioned?
56. Who was the recipient of the blessing?
57. Who was listed as head of household on the 2010 Census? (me)
58. Who gives the most stink faces? (Katie)
59. Which two roommates are tied for taking the longest showers? (I think this is Racha and me...which is surprising, considering #60)
60. Which roommate had to turn off the water when applying soap in the shower as a young las. (me)
61. Who dances in the kitchen with the music blaring when doing the dishes? (Keech)
62. Who farted when practicing the Thriller dance and made Dan blush? (disclaimer: he claims that he wasn't really blushing, but really he was) (Katie) Who farted when a new acquaintance came over for the first time? (I hope that wasn't me)
63. Who does handstands in the Periodical section of the Library when she gets tired? (Katie)
64. Who typically goes to bed the latest? (Keech)
65. Who apologizes the most? (Kels)
66. Who has used this joke 2376 this past semester? Roommates:"Oh, you're fine" Person: "Oh, thanks, this is just my Sunday attire." (Katie)
67. Who randomly laughs/talks to herself? Who reads to herself regularly? (Kels)
68. Who is obsessed with cars? (keech)
69. Who is snuffles aka Stacy's pet? (ew, why don't I know this?!)
70. Who loves to play Mario Kart? (Probably only three people) (Keech, Rach, Rachael)
71. Who cheated for 5 weeks when playing NERTZ because she didn't understand? (totes me)
72. Who has a horse pillow case? (Katie)
73. Who only eats organic food? (Racha)
74. Who threw their clothes in a toilet? (Rach)
75. Which roommate is extremely good at playing the violin? (Kels)
76. Which roommate's boyfriend is just as good, or better, at playing the violin? (Kels)
77. Which roommate sobbed their eyes out when watching the last episode of Gilmore Girls? (Keish?)
78. Who would you ask if you wanted to learn how to do the worm? (Rach!)
79. Who has a special recipe for lasagna? (Rach--uncooked meat!)
80. Who can't make a normal amount of rice? (Katie)83. Who owed the roommates the most ice cream? (Racha)
84. Name 3 reasons why Madison 3 probably dislikes us. (tap dancing, loud music, we're super hot?)
85. Who has a great carrot recipe? (Katie)
86. Who use to eat the decorations on the coffee table? (Kels)
87. Who campaigns for team meetings every night? (Katie)
88. Who is a registered pedophile for soon becoming obsessed with Justin Bieber? (ha, was this me?)
89. Who instigated the no-hand-holding-policy at team meetings? (DEF me...hated that)
90. Who had their booty shake dance on the wall documented? (Rach!)
91. Who's hair can you find on at least every square inch in our apartment? Yes, if you run your hands through the carpet (WARNING! hypothetically speaking. don't try this at... our home) you can find enough hair to make 10,000 wigs. (KATIE)
92. Who has a hot boyfriend named Josh K? (rach!)
93. Who thinks that every single male over age 12 is attractive? Who wants to marry a terrorist? (both Katie)
94. Who has the best straightener? (Keish!)
95. Who would totally be okay if they never had to wear a bra again? (Rach? Katie?)
96. Okay, now for the typical first meeting someone question: What is everyone's majors?
98. Who walks with the right foot pigeon-toed? (that's me, but it's only slight!)
99. Who regularly comments on girls' calf muscles and boys' everything muscles? (Katie)
100. Who fell in Utah Lake? (rach)
101. Who stomps her foot when she laughs really hard? (kels)
102. Who wears contacts? (2 people) (Kels and Racha)
103. Who has probably gone to the library more in this past week than they did the entire year last year. (Rach)
104. Who was a texting virgin until one month ago? (Kels)
105. Who is a texting amateur? (me--so I accidentally sent a poorly worded and maybe not the nicest text to a bad date that Rach had...i was just typing it up, I never meant to send it!)
106. Who provided all the decorations for the apartment? (Keech)
107. Who had three boys in love with her at once? (Racha?)
108. Name the kissing status of each roommate (example: Cecil Samuelson-- active; example 2: The Pope--dormant) (Uh...Racha, Keech and Kels were prolls active at the time this was written...)
109. Name the roommates who climbed Mt. Timp. (Racha, Keech, Kenn, me)
110. Which roommate wishes they could fly the most often? (is this me?)
111. Who would consider hot chocolate to be more of a necessity than bread? (Keech)
112. Who slams doors on accident? ... at least I think it's on accident.
113. Who receives the most packages from their family? (prolls me)
114. Who hates peanut butter? (keech)
115. Where do people prefer to study in the library?
116. Who hate hate hates the snow and rain? (that was me... but I'm a changed woman! I only hate the rain now)
117. Who love love loves the snow? (keech)
118. Who can do a double heel click? (THIS girl--me)
119. Who has mastered the broom trick? (Katie, Rach, Kels?)
120. Who hates ice skating/roller blading? (Rach)
121. Who is as tall as their dad? (Kels?)
122. Who works at a bowling alley? (RACH hahaha that bowling shirt killed me)
123. Who does the grandpa face? (me)
124. Who makes the "awwwww" sound more often than everyone else? (Kels)
125. Who has a sister who has the same name as her roommate? (Kels?)
126. Who has a Jacob in their family? (3 people) (Stacy, Rach, Kels?)
127. Where do Rachael's parents live? (Oregon!)
128. Who is the oldest? (THIS girl)
129. Whose towel is green? (Racha)
130. Whose towel is red? (Katie)
131. Who wears retainers? (me, Racha, Katie)
132. Who talks in their sleep? (ha, Kels? Rach?)
133. Who takes a lot of flack for being a champion in a not well-known sport? (me--badminton, yo)
134. Who was a cheerleader in high school? (Rach!)
135. Who was the only member of their high school to compete in their sport? (Katie--horse stuff!)

And now onto the essay questions-
1. Study
 The Nelson Directory. Know at least the first 500 ID numbers and describe the numbering system.
2. Name all of the foods Stacy dislikes. Name the reason for each one.
3. There is a pop essay question (aka I can't post it on here). Just know that you will have to cite 25 reliable sources.

Alright, so this is the study guide, so hopefully you know all of the answers to these questions. Everyone will be ready Wednesday morning at 6 a.m., right? There will be 100 true/false, 3000 multiple choice, 40 oral, 80 written, and 3 essay questions. Plan on 9-10 hours. Oh, and did I mention that you have to take the test while running 13.1 miles, skipping 3 miles, swimming 15 miles, and flying 20 feet? Better than last semester's essay question... I kid :)...about last semester's essay question, not the final. The final is on.

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