Thursday, August 16, 2012

nine magical things.

1. I want these cupcakes, mostly because of the topping.  Seriously, I could down a package of those bad boys in like two days. NOT a joke.
2. New Taylor Swift song!  Have I already listened to it 9 times in two days?  Wha?!  That's absurd.
3. Today I spoiled my appetite for dinner by eating a piece of cheesecake.  My mom always warned me...
4. Speaking of food, my eyes are one MILLION times bigger than my stomach.  That's why I had to train myself many years ago to measure out my pasta instead of just pouring it into the pot.  What am I?  Five years old?
4. This video reminded me of doing my Saturn project in third grade.  The internet is such a magical thing!
5. Today at work Ed said the following: "I have never turned a fist bump into a face punch." Killed me.
6.  Last night, I had a weird but really cool dream and when I woke up I supes wished it could have been real.  It would've been a dream come true.  But srsly.
7.  The wife of one of the chem professors recently had wrist surgery which means he is learning how to blow dry her hair.  He updates me every day on the new skills he has learned.  He's loving it.
8. There are two recliners in our apt.  I always take one and Danielle always takes the other.  Mine is broken right now, so I've  had to resort to the couch and it's weird.
9. That picture above?  I think that might still be what I look like when I think something is totes hilar.  (Also, let's not kid ourselves.  My hand is totes trying to sneak some more m&m's while my mom is distracted by my older brother.)

okay, I'm done now.

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