Saturday, August 18, 2012

brittany's beats?

so there's this youtube video out there that makes Brittany cry.  I'm not entirely sure why...I guess Brittany just loves animals more than I do.

So anyway, it's this video about a lion that these two guys (Ace and John) in London buy and raise for a while.  Once they realize that he's too big and they can't properly take care of him anymore (I'm not sure how they didn't see that coming...) they end up taking him back to Kenya.  Then a year later, they come back to Africa and you get to see their reunion in the video below.  Brittany said it specifically had to be this video because it's the one with Whitney Houston singing (and duh, Whitney Houston is such an inspiration to us all. I want to be JUST like her).  Here you go:

Did you cry?  Because if Brittany just watched this, then she probably did.  Well, I just wanted to share a little extra information about this.  First of all, when they came back to see Christian in Africa he was still living near the trainer guy who was trying to get him used to the wild again, so it wasn't like he was that wild yet.  By the way, that trainer guy never wears a shirt.  Also, Christian totes likes Ace more than John, it's so obvious (don't tell John!).

Second of all, Ace and John came back to Africa a second time after this cute little reunion.  Turns out Christian didn't really care about them very much anymore.  There was none of this jumping all over them and hugging them business.  He mostly just acknowledged that they were in his presence and then walked away.  It was probably because they were wearing the ultimate bell bottoms and skin tight tank tops.  So hot.  Anyway, that was the last time they saw Christian.  No one knows, he could have been killed the next day.  So, sorry Brittany. But this story turns out to be kind of a bummmmmer.

And no, I do not know all of this extra information because I watched all of this documentary on youtube.  That would be ridiculous.  It would be like I was interested in this lion or something or that I actually cared about animal rights and the fact that they should not be raised in London (because apparently raising exotic animals was TOTES legal until 1976?? what the cray cray?!).  No, no, that's just not something I would do.

In other news, we're trying to help Brittany come up with a blog name so that she'll start a blog and then we can read it.  So far we have ideas like "Britt Winky Face", "Britt's Bodacious Blog", "Britt's Christian Animals--a blog about animals I love", "Britt's a Bummer",  and "Britt, Good Day."  Unfortunately, she doesn't like any of those, so if you have any brilliant ideas, please be sure to let us know.  Seriously, we want that girl to have a blog because then we can all read it and I just KNOW it would be totes hilar.

That's all.


Allie said...

This is just going to make Britt;) cry more! She doesn't need to know the whole truth!

Danny said...

After I wiped my tears I realized this would be a perfect ending for secondhand lions

britt(; said...

I was considering hating you after I read the whole truth but YOU KNOW WHAT the video isn't ruined for me. Whitney always knows how to get me. And also I couldn't hate you if you watched that 45 minute documentary. Soooooo much respect.


Pps. "I'm not sure how they didn't see that coming" made me LOL totez hard.

Kelsey P said...
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Kelsey P said...

What's up with the random lions they show from 2:07-2:35? I'm one million sure those are not Christian. I think they just needed some extra footage before Whitney got to her big climax moment.

Also: "Brittany's Blog." One million good alliteration. Or maybe "Britt Quit."

But seriously, this time, I JUST CAME UP WITH THE PERFECT BLOG NAME: Brittany's Litany. (Litany means a prolonged or tedious account, I can't believe you didn't know that. And no, I did not use a rhyming dictionary to find that word...)