Saturday, July 7, 2012

i used to have such fabulously curly hair.

So it turns out there is a part of me that is very easily offended.  That part of me is my hair.

I'm serious, it's the weirdest thing.  It all began when I was going through that dreaded thing called middle school.  That was when my hair started to get a couple of waves in it.  That was obviously a struggle for my little 13-year-old self and it was then that I obtained my first straightener from my older brother.  Oh, I wish you could see the pictures of me when I was first learning how to straighten my hair...SO UNIQUE.

Anyway, my hair and I fought for many years, but I eventually gave in (and by gave in, I mean I learned how to wear it curly) and we were friends.  I wore it curly quite often and in fact I very rarely straightened it.  Those last two years of high school were the good years.

Then my freshman year of college I decided to dye my hair with one of those temporary hair dye kits.  That was a VERY bad idea.  I suppose my hair was offended that I chose to change its color and therefore decided to punish me by making my hair stick straight.  Seriously the weirdest thing ever.  I would just let it air dry and it would be one million straight.  I liked it for a minute but then my hair always felt so thin and dumb and it was mostly lame.  But that was all I had, so I just let it grow.

After a year of letting it grow and after getting one giant haircut, we were back in curly business.  It was magical.  From that point on, my hair and I enjoyed a solid two year friendship...

...but then I got a new curling iron.  I guess my hair got a little offended by the fact that I would choose to curl my hair using this curling iron instead of allowing the natural curls to exist.  And hair went straight again.

So here we are, six months after my hair and I broke up.  I swear I'm doing everything I can to get over it, but I really wish we could get back together because I really think we had something good going.  I don't ever straighten or curl it (that might actually be a result of summer laziness and heat) and while I do blow dry it (again a result of laziness because if I'm going to be on time to work with dry hair, the blow dryer is going to be absolutely necessary), I just feel like my hair should be giving me a little curl in return.  But it's still being dumb and I don't know what to do about it.  I just hope it comes back one day or else I'm probably going to shave my head.  Willow Smith and Britney Spears did it, so that makes it totally okay, right?

My life is so hard.

And now, let's take a minute to appreciate a few good moments I have experienced with my curly hair.
(and obviously it needs to be in black and white because this is basically an obituary, duh).

Thanks to everyone who has helped me through this hard time.  It has been very appreciated.


{allison} said...

haha...that really is the weirdest thing ever.

Anne said...

ill trade ya...freals