Tuesday, July 10, 2012

dream come true.

I was just standing there at the grocery store making healthy choices like choosing a few good apples when I heard over the loudspeaker, "Attention shoppers: everything in the donut case is now only 25 cents.  That's right, 25 cent donuts at the bakery right now."

Obviously, bakery girl had my complete attention with the word "donut" and as soon as I heard the words "25 cents" I handed Danielle my bag of apples (who needs those?!) and made a beeline to the bakery where there was a case full of donuts!  Cake donuts!  Cake donuts with oreos on them! Red velvet cake donuts!  This girl was in heaven, not a joke.  Together, Danielle and I fought the crowds (seriously, do people plan their shopping time for when this sale begins because I'm pretty sure there were like 12 moms pacing back and forth waiting for this announcement because those homegirls pounced).  In the end, we had eight donuts.  EIGHT DELICIOUS DONUTS.

I know that's a lot, but they were only two dollars!  And we Danielle shared half of hers! Don't try to tell me you would have passed that up because if you would, then dang. You cray cray.

In other important news, is it spelled donut or doughnut? I just spent a couple minutes looking it up and it appears I can do it both ways, but "donut" is apparently the lazy way. Whatevs.  A donut's a doughnut as far as I'm concerned.

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