Monday, March 5, 2012

this new bishop i found.

Over President's Day Weekend, I went home to California for a quick little visit with the fam.  It was actually a surprise for my dad who became the bishop of my home ward that weekend, so we came to be supportive and also to eat lots of good food.

Since all the family was going to be flying in (except for Lena--sad day), we tried to coordinate schedules so we would all arrive at the airport at approximately the same time.  So Danny had it all figured out so he would arrive at about 6:30, Jalyn and I would arrive at about 7, and then Matthew and Mykel would get there at about 7:30.  It turned out that Danny arrived on time and everyone else was horrifically late.  We didn't end up leaving the airport until about 11, but it was pretty cool because Tom drove up in our 12 passenger van (classy)   blasting Back in Black, so we knew we were in for a good time.  It was seriously the most hilarious thing.

Anyway, we drove home and walked into the house and surprised my dad quite successfully.  From then on, the weekend was just full of perfectness.  It was seriously so fun to just be with my family for the entire weekend.  We joked and laughed and told every ridiculous story there ever was.  We all have such similar humors and it kills me.  My favorite thing is telling the same pun/joke as one of my siblings just seconds before they can get it out.  I give myself bonus points for that.

But really, we just spent the weekend going on little walk/hikes, eating supes good food, watching videos that feature my grandfather in a speedo, going to church and making a scene (i.e. letting my little brother carry me around and "over the threshold" into our new home, the church), driving back and forth from the airport, watching videos in 3D on our GINORMOUS television that my parents decided to get once there were only 2 kids living at home (Really?  I mean, really? What's next?  A Ferrari for each of them?), and finding any and every segue into watching this really cool video I once saw.

Basically, it was a perfect weekend.

p.s. such cute parents, right?


Lena said...

Yay! Thanks for posting pictures and, of course, describing the fun that was the weekend I couldn't attend. It was ALMOST like I was there with ya'll.

Emily Asay said...

Looking at these pics of your family is so fun! and brings back so many memories! your family is WONDERFUL and you're lucky to have such great parents. Your dad will be a wonderful bishop. me and my fam are heading your way (northern ca) this summer and I'd love to say hello! :)

Mom said...

Wow, thanks for writing this I have my journal entry for that weekend:)!!

I am glad you, as well as all of your sibs were able to come. It really was a great weekend together:)!

Adella Skabelund said...

I have to tell you, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs! :) And you werent kidding about that TV! I can see that glorious piece of work in you pictures!

daniel said...

You meant to link to for the speedo reference ... right?