Wednesday, January 4, 2012

up to my eyeballs.

Monday night was my last night with the fam before I headed back to school for a brand new shiny semester.  That night we decided to play games as a family.  While we played a rousing round of Phase 10, my mom made us fruit smoothies.  What a gem, that lady.

Wait a that really a fruit smoothie?  If anything, it looks a little more like a tomato basil smoothie.  And tomato basil smoothies do not sound delicious.

See, here's the thing.  Last week, my baby brother decided to make dinner for the team.  The dinner he chose was this seriously delicious soup that was filled with sausage, bacon, tomatoes, something spicy, and kale.  But the thing is, what on earth do you use kale for besides this one soup recipe?  I really don't think I am aware of any other kale-eating experiences I may have had in my life.  So there we were after that dinner, with lots of extra kale.

I had heard of these "green smoothies" that are just all the rage, so I suggested maybe that's what we could use the kale for.  We had some frozen bananas, strawberries, and pineapple that needed to be used!  What a perfect plan!

And so my fabulous mother made some green smoothies.  Now, it could have been an issue with the blender (or maybe it was a user error??), but that kale was not super stoked about getting all blended up.  But eventually my mom was able to get it all under control and mostly blended.  The smoothies actually turned out pretty good and mostly just tasted like bananas and strawberries to me with a little kale texture, which was a little weird, but bearable.

My mom was either really excited about those smoothies or maybe we just had a lot of extra kale, because, dang.  She just kept making it.  We laughed and laughed about how those smoothies looked and my dad looked like he might cry when my mom told him he was responsible for finishing off the last batch, but it was totes worth it.

As we died at the table thinking about how much kale we were eating and how weird of a texture it was and as my mom was topping off my smoothie while shaking with laughter, I remembered that everything was just right.  

Being right there with my family was perfect.

I sure do love those cool cats...and a good green smoothie.

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