Saturday, December 31, 2011

holly jolly.

{me and bubs with the new scarf he made me!}

Not sure if I told you, but I had a fantastic Christmas.  Christmastime is one of my very favorite times of the year.  Mostly I just eat and hang out with my family and then eat and then roll out the door to go shopping and then I come home and eat and then hang out with my friends and then I usually watch The Lion Movie (the disease exists at home, too!)

This Christmas I didn't give anyone my heart and baby, it definitely was not cold outside (what's up, California winter!).  Most of the break, I've just listened to the She & Him Pandora station and some of my main man The Biebs.  We also seemed to watch a lot of Jerry Rice career highlights on youtube (not actually sure why we did that).

We listened to some old tapes from when were super young and let me tell you, those were straight up gems.  Apparently back in the day (at approx age 5) I did not appreciate being called Stacy Stink and demanded that my family call me "Stacy Star A".  It appears that they needed a reminder about that, and now that we have listened to the tapes, they have actually started calling me by my requested name from so long ago.  I'm glad to see a little respect around here.

It's been a pretty busy break--I've been able to hang out with some of my favorite people (family, friends, etc) and some of my least favorite people (dentist, doctor, etc.).  Santa done good this year.  In fact, I'm writing from my brand new laptop!  So fabulous.  Some of the awesome things about it that are very unlike my old laptop: I can fit all my pictures and music on it, it takes less than 20 min for it to turn on and load up, it doesn't die after just being on for 30 minutes (even when plugged in!), it doesn't always have to be plugged in, and best of all! it doesn't light on fire every time I use it!  A huge shout out to my little brother Thomas who picked it out for me--homeboy knows how to get a good one.

I like Christmas!  and muffins! and family! and fun times!

And now I must psychologically prepare myself for 2012 (which my littlest brother constantly reminds me is the year the world is going to end). I plan on reading a book, making a music video, writing a talk (rude) for church tomorrow, and getting all sorts of new year's eve crazy with my family.

Let's do this.

And now, some pics from Christmas day!

What? Is that me hiding under the blanket avoiding all light sources?  Never...

Tim Tam Thomas was super stoked about the computer program he wrote for Danny.  Just following in his footsteps...

...and of course, a family pic with a missing mom.

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Anonymous said...

How exactly do write a computer program anyway? Smarties!

sarahannnoel said...

Okay. I just clicked through from Nat the Fat Rat. "Self, Good Day?" MOST AWESOME BLOG NAME EVER (and quite possibly my new end-of-the-day phrase)!

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