Tuesday, January 17, 2012

not a joke!

Did you know that Katie Cutler left on her mission last week?  If you didn't, I'm pretty surprised since I thought she would have told every person she ever met about it (just like how she used to tell everyone that ever knew me that I was the Relief Society president...and when I say everyone, I mean everyone.)  Anyway, the point is that she left on her mission to South Korea last Wednesday and this apartment feels a little different now.

Now, don't get us wrong.  We supes love our new roommate Lacey, (mostly because her name rhymes with mine) but we are totes missing our main man Katie Cut! Luh!

We've been missing all the ridiculous and hilarious and ridiculously hilarious things that girl would say.  We miss the puns and the stupid jokes.  We miss her having "stage fright" and we miss her retelling the story of the first time she met our landlord (that story will never cease to amuse me).  We miss her stink face and her hot pants (everyone has a pair of hot pants, duh).  We miss her painting of Nugget (he would protect us!) and we miss her making us brownies or baked oatmeal.  We miss when she decided to use my brownie mix as her own and we miss her laugh. We miss her puns and we miss the piles of hair that she used to shed on every square inch of the apartment.

We miss how genuinely nice she was to everyone.  We miss the "judge-free zone" she tried so hard to make.  We miss how complimentary she was.  We miss our example of a super-hard worker and we miss how inspirational she was.

We miss Katie Cutler.  She's the best.................looking!

And of course, if Katie were here, she'd want a post that was dedicated to her to also have a link to all other posts about her, so here it is.  Go ahead and read up on her past adventures.

Also, I have no idea where this picture came from, but I found it amusing so I'm using it.

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Beka said...

i LOVE katie! She is one of the most sincerely nice people i have ever met. do you have her address?