Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa is real!

The other day, my friends and I decided to head out to the Riverwoods to visit Santa.  It was cold and I was  rather impressed that Santa was willing to sit out there every night from 6-9 pm! Such a dedicated man--especially during the busiest time of the year for him!

While we were waiting in line, we all had to think of what we wanted to ask Santa for for Christmas.  When we finally got up there, I was definitely ready to tell Santa what I wanted and I had a five paragraph essay (with an introduction and a conclusion and three body paragraphs--my eighth grade english teach would be so impressed!) with reasons as to why I deserved what was on my list instead of a stocking full of coal.

We walked up to Santa and Santa turned to Dillon and asked, "And what would you like for Christmas?"  to which Dillon said, "A salad.  A really nice salad."


But oh man, Santa ran with that one.  He thought it was just hilarious, so he proceeded to go around the group asking who would like the ham and who would like the cheesecake and who would like the rolls! and the green beans! and the stuffing!  He offered me the rolls and then proceeded to offer Danielle the ham and the cheesecake--a two for one deal!

At this point, I started wondering how he knew that she loved food so so so much (you wouldn't know that from just looking at her!) and how he knew that I could eat like 14 rolls before I even started slowing down and it was at that point that I realized something that I think I had always known somewhere deep inside my coal-filled heart.

Santa is real.

Totally real.  There is no other way he could have known those things about me and Danielle.  No other way.

That guy is good.

And so, I think I'll start mailing my Christmas lists directly to the North Pole again, instead of the indirect route through my mom's email.

I think if I do it that way, I might actually get the 24-hour doughnut stand I keep asking for...


Beka said...

OH MY! I love Shawn and dillon! and well, pretty much everyone in this picture. this post makes me VERY happy. i'm gonna be hanging out with your ward more next semester (if that is even possible)

danielle said...

I would say that this is plagiarism, buuuuuuuut you DID switch the words around--even the pic is at the bottom instead of the top.