Tuesday, December 20, 2011

pen rose eight tea juan.

Remember these cool cats?  These are my fabulous freshman roommates.

A few weeks ago, we were able to get all the freshman roommates together for a fabulous evening.  It took us so long to plan an evening when we could actually all be there, it was ridiculous.

We all gathered at Kelli and Rob's place (above the mortuary!).  All the husbands came and we just sat around and chatted for nearly 3 hours!  As we were leaving, I couldn't believe that it had been that long--time had flown by.  We literally just sat around and talked and talked and talked.  The husbands talked about all the funny things that the wives did and we talked about all the hilarious things that happened freshman year.  I'm pretty sure there was an entire half hour dedicated to all the ridiculous things Ricky had done (spill food coloring in the fridge, put a boiling pot of water on the kitchen floor, put the bathroom faucet on backwards, slept in her clothes, the list goes on and on).

Freshman year was such a fun year.  I swear, somehow we had time to hang out with each other all the time and school never really seemed to get in the way.  We were the best of friends (even if it did take me and Keech a good three months to be able to have a casual conversation with each other--what was up with that?).  I never stayed up as late and as often as I did that year.  I was having the time of my life.

It was so fun to be with them again...it was just like old times.  We could talk and talk for hours without even noticing that time had passed.  It was also a little strange to be back together again, this time most had husbands with them.  It's fun to see where we've all been over the past few years, and where we're headed. Rob and Kelli will be headed off to dental school next year, Ricky will be having a baby! in May, the rest of us will still be around for another year (what?  the five year plan?!  Who does that??)

I hope that we get together again before Rob and Kelli move, but it's still a little weird to think about how we'll all be moving our separate ways sooner than we'd like.  It won't be the same as it was or is, and even though that's alright and I know it will be fine, it's still a little sad to think about.  Sometimes I super don't want to move past this stage of my life where I can see these girls almost as often as I'd like.

As long as I can always stay in contact with them, I'll be alright (that means no moving to third world countries or taking up the Amish lifestyle, ya hear?)

Though I may never be "pregnant smashed" again or pranked with saran wrap on the toilet during a time of need! or attend another pet funeral (RIP Lucy and Maybe and Gupta and Gurkin), I'll still have those hilarious memories.  Plus, I can make my own delectables now and I still have one of the hair clips that I stole from Rick, so I can remember her every time I use it, right?

Love these girls.

"Oh, heeeey!"

please look at robert lindeman. holy cow, i'm dying.

Congratulations, we have one good picture of all of us...and even then, I'm squatting in the back. Why do photographers always make me squat?!??

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Beka said...

OH MY! I love that all your freshman roommates are married except you because. . . so are mine! but they are still pretty awesome