Monday, December 19, 2011

I just said that #42674

Today at the cell phone store:

Guy selling the phone: So, did you save all your contacts to the sim card?
Stacy: Oh yeah, I know I think I probably might have definitely saved most of them all of them...probably.
Guy selling the phone: I'm not actually sure what that means.


In other news, this is a picture of when Tom and I cooked dinner for the fam yesterday (for my parents' 30th anniversary!).  I think this was the part where Tom was being artsy, so obviously he had to take a picture of the foil that once covered the most delightful cheesy chicken I ever did have (thank you, pinterest!)

I don't even know.


Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me happy!

Mom said...

Super delightful "anniversary chicken". We should have an anniversary more often--our kids are so creative and "super-fabulo-so".

But then we take you to the cell phone store and listen to your answers to simple questions. Hmmm, better stick with cooking....just sayin'