Sunday, October 2, 2011

LeCheminant Healthy Habit #2884.

Make approximately 400 donuts for General Conference.

This year I wasn't there for the fun, but I think my little brothers might like it that way, since it means they each get to have about 50 donuts all to themselves.

There are definitely perks to being the youngest kids in the family (and this is in addition to the fact that they each have their own Ferrari).

It's a cruel, cruel world.


My father-turned-hair-stylist assisted my brother in coming up with a new look that would help cover the big hole on the top of his head (from when the kid threw a rock at him...) until the hair grew back.  This was his best look.

So hot right now.


Mom said... did you know about the Ferrari's? They are so well hidden in our "other" garage whenever you are home. Oh well...I guess the gig is up. Maybe when you come home, Tom can take you for a spin.

Thanks for featuring us!

Thomas said...

I'll send you a doughnut in the mail.

Julie LeCheminant said...

How does your family stay so slim if you eat like that? I'm still an Herbalife distributor, FYI. Let me know if you need a good herbal cleanse. :)

Candace Shiflet said...

whoa! that is a lottttttt of donuts. I am supes jealous right now. Anddd I wish MY dad were a hair stylist haha oh the wishes
Lovely Little Rants

Mykel said...

Um yes...Definitely SO hot right now Tom. I don't know if I've ever seen SO many donuts :)