Thursday, October 13, 2011

just go with it...

So a while back, we had this leadership meeting that I had to attend.  Afterward they brought us some pizza and soda.  I thought that was pretty awesome seeing as pizza is always awesome.  So there I was, just snackin' away and chattin' with e'erbody I knew, discussing the maximum amount of grease a piece of pizza could have before I would refuse to eat it and why my socks come off when I'm walking and other important things.

Then I was talking to Bro. Reid as he went to grab another piece of pizza.  He opened the box without realizing that there was a 2-liter of soda behind it containing just little enough soda that when he opened the lid it knocked the soda over.

Of course, homegirl had to be standing right there.

Now, I don't know if he had been practicing doing this in his garage for the past few weeks, but let me tell you something.  That soda could not have landed any more perfectly.

I mean seriously, that guy is good.

Also, I've never seen every member of my bishopric laugh so hard or for so long.  Everyone though it was pretty good, and I have to agree.

The only dilemma was the part where I had to walk home after.

"Yeah, so I'm not fully potty-trained, okay?  Geez, give a girl a break."

good times.

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Jelly said...

The only difference between Malcolm and Stacy is that Stacy is potty-trained. Oh wait, apparently she isn't.