Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Feez.

Happy Belated Birthday to my Annie Fent!

"Did you know we have four classes together?"--my 7th grade self knew all the best ways to make friends without being the least bit creepy.

I can't get over how cool we were in middle school and high school: model pics, "99% sure", rationalize the denominator, shining star/turtle thing--seriously, could I be anymore embarrassing??, model pics, calculus homework/talk the whole time about not calculus, goldfish in the pants, creepy devil on the swing pic, thigh slapper, juice squeeze!, baby jay, HAIR, bobo and puffer, laffy taffy, shmary, jase face, badminton "practice", scrounging for money in the locker room to get french bread!, hon, tie-dye t-shirts!, destroying jalyn's gingerbread house---why???, cats are dumb, fattie, leukemia pic, the lake, senors rule, triple nerd score, the beets, TULAF.

Thanks for still thinking I'm pretty cool after NINE years of best friendship.

I hope you take a test and get 17% on it!

Love you, kiddo.  Keep it all kinds of real.


Anne said...

oh my gosh i love you hahahaha. just a correction, i'm not going to get 17% on any tests, it'll be 105%. not letting you forget that statistic. also, i wont cry. but lets ignore that fact that that may or may not have occurred.

the gingerbread house...seriously what the heck were we doing?? i forgot about was hilarious.

i'm planning on cleaning out my hairbrush and mailing you a bag of hair. and i'm only half joking. there will be treasure in the bag buried in the hair so you have to touch it to get it.

when did we put goldfish in our pants? hahahaha

this is the best.

Kate said...

pretty much the greatest. and disclaimer... she got 16%