Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Who Let Jalyn Drink Out of My Water Bottle?"--Danny

When I went home last month, the fam went down to Grandma's house for the day.  The following is a pretty accurate description of any day spent with my family:

When we got there and after quickly saying hello to Matthew and Mykel (who I haven't seen since Christmas), we all made a bee-line to the backyard to pick and eat as many of Grandpa's world famous raspberries as we possibly could.  Once we were too full to eat anymore, we ate some more because I'm telling you, you're not going to find raspberries that good anywhere else in the world. (Also, I'm kidding about the part where we raced past Matthew and Mykel--I really did miss them...I'm sure I spent a good 4 minutes conversing with them before proceeding to the previously mentioned raspberries).

Because it's grandma's house, we're almost guaranteed to have a barbecue, which I'm a huge fan of.  As you might notice, there is a hamburger on my plate, which is super weird because I always choose hot dog over hamburger.  Unfortunately, Grandma only had "Casper Dogs" which make that nasty popping sound when you bite them.  This of course makes eating a hot dog even more questionable than it already is, so I passed.

Of course, eating must be documented, because if it isn't, we'd miss out on close-ups of Jacob's face and and an up close and personal view of his burger. We'd also miss documentation of Matthew's plate over there on the bottom right which consists of olives, chips, and a hamburger bun, sans burger.  That's right folks, he's going to be a dentist.  That's why he eats so healthy.

In addition, you should know that sometimes Dad thinks that getting your picture taken is not a good enough reason to stop stuffing food in your mouth. (In his defense, I think Uncle Dave totally supports this decision)

After we've all finished eating, we'll likely sit around the table for an hour joking about things like when Jalyn backwashed into Danny's water bottle in Italy ("Who let Jalyn drink out of my water bottle?")

There's a good chance that various "What About Bob?" and "What's Up, Doc?" references will be made.


Of course, there will be many jokes about the times before these young lads even existed.

There's a good chance Jalyn will recite (word for word, mind you) various comedy sketches and pretty much every movie she's ever seen.  I'm telling you, the girl's got talent.  Someone should alert the people who run "America's Got Talent", because this girl's about to give Susan Boyle a run for her money.

The identical brothers made sure to show us their matching zits, which we all truly appreciated.  Another important thing to note about this picture is the little hearts thing behind Matthew's neck.  Each heart represents one of Grandma and Grandpa's descendants, and I can guarantee you one of those hearts has been pulled down.  That's just how we roll.


At this point, we are probably being told to gather 'round to take a family picture, but we're too busy telling stories about my arch nemesis who doesn't believe in snoozing. If we're not doing that, then we're probably tell some other story and getting upset with each other when one of us beats another to a joke related to that story.  (Seriously, that happens all the time--especially to Danny, which is awesome, because if you beat Danny to a joke, then you're straight up talented.)

After we've been convinced to gather for an awkward self-timed photo, we make sure to take the awkward title to the extreme.

Finally, mom will convince us to be serious and a relatively decent photograph will be captured.

That, my friends, is a delightful day.



Mom said...

What great memories...thanks for documenting them:)!!

Mykel LeCheminant said...

Oh! Love it! Good times...Might I add...There also may be some Bones Discussion, by those of us who are...dare I say...addicted. I love you so much Stacy - Thanks for your card - I got it in the mail tonight and it totally made my day. Can't wait to see you sister!

Andrea Burgess said...

Is it just me, or did I notice all the 'adults' sitting at the little table??

Stacy said...

Haha, yep! Just the way we like it! :)