Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Please excuse Stacy for being absent from her blog for a whole month.  You see, first she had to come home and visit her family who made sure to remind her that she still has the lowest ACT score of anyone in the family and that even 3-year-olds can use the DVD player, so why can't she??, and that, oh my, she looks an awful lot like our old dog, and who let Stacy attempt to use the microwave??

After that, she came back to Utah with only a few days before her baby Midge-alicious got all sorts of married.  Of course, the morning of the wedding when she went to turn on her laptop, she found that she had twisted the charger cord so much that, oh look at that!  it's on fire!

So then her computer was out of commission for two weeks and it's not like she knows how to find a new charger so she had to wait for her little brother to get back from his vacay to find her a new charger online and then she had to buy the charger and wait for it to get to here.

And so you see, that is why Stacy has been absent.


Stacy's Mom (don't say it--I'm married, and besides, I'm not back from my business trip)


Mom said...

Yeah, right! I don't recall ACT scores ever being discussed in this house...nor do I recall writing this post. Could be my old age--I don't know...I can't remember!

Mykel LeCheminant said...

Welcome home Stacy. Good to have you back.