Monday, May 2, 2011

hey, so i sort of thought you were going to give me good news...

Today I went to see my good friend, Dr. W.  See, I was kind of thinking we could become even better friends today.  And by "better friends" I mean that I hoped we would never have to see each other again.  Now, I don't have anything against my main man the hand doctor, but I just really think I'd like him better if I didn't have to see him...ever.

So, today I went to the Student Health Center bright and early.  No, but really.  Early.  I got there at 7:35.  But in all honesty, it was a pretty nice walk.  It wasn't bitter freezing like it has been and I think we're starting to see hints of that awesome thing called summer.  Plus, I was pretty excited because at my last appointment, the doc told me that I would probably get to lose the brace at my next appointment.  I have been SOOOO good about wearing my brace all day every day, so I was like, "Homeboy, you better say the brace can leave at my next appointment, because I am so over it."

When I got there they took some new x-rays so that the doc could verify that the little bone chip dude had gone the way of the ghost.  That was fine.  I was a little nervous because the x-ray guy said my hand was definitely more bruised than it should have been, but not to worry because it wasn't an entirely uncommon or abnormal thing.  My worries subsided.  I headed back to the waiting room to wait for Dr. Dubs.

Side note:  Since Dr. W only comes on Mondays, every single time that I've been there, this other kid is there to see him as well.  And every single time he gets to go before me.  Now, it doesn't really matter to me, but considering the last two times I have had the first appointment of the day, it confuses me a little bit.  But whate'er.  He had to get a hard cast and I didn't, so I'm over it.  Plus, he also had a black eye on that first day we were there, and I'm totally not jealous.

Anyway, I finally got to see the doc and he looked at the new x-rays.  Then he told me to take off the splint and he put pressure on different areas of my wrist and asked me if it hurt.  They all hurt.  But I figured that was okay...I figured it was just sore from not moving a lot in the past six weeks and that it was doing a fine job healing and we could just part ways and hopefully never see each other again.

But then he started doing that "Hmmm"-ing thing.  "Hmmm"-ing is not cool in the medical business.  I was not impressed.

Homeboy, tell me what is with all the "hmmm"-ing or Imma break out my karate moves and I've never taken any karate lessons, so it might get a little interesting.

But then when he did tell me what was up, I kind of wanted to be like, Hey, can we just go back to the part where you just "hmmm"-ed and I don't know about the bad news you're about to give me?  It was better back then...

"So, Stacy.  I have some bad news.  It appears that when we looked at your x-rays 6 weeks ago, we missed a bone that fractured, or broke, during your original injury in addition to that chipped bone."

Oh, no you di'int. No dang way.  Nope.  Don't believe you.  It's not even April Fool's day, so mostly you just look like a fool by telling me that joke.

But alas, there was no joke.

Now, I think doctors are great and stuff, but I wasn't exactly happy with the man at this point.  I kind of wanted to be like, "Hey, really?  Did you have to do that to me today?  How about you give the bad news to homeboy over there who has the hard cast, because I mean, really.  He keeps cutting in line to see you so he kind of had it coming to him anyway, don't you think?  Come on, share that news with someone else, okay?  Just not me."

He didn't really go for that one.  He went on to tell me that a broken "scaffoid" or whatever it was called is the most commonly missed broken bone in the wrist, which makes me wonder why they didn't look a little closer six weeks ago to make sure mine wasn't broken.  But alas, a doctor can only be so perfect.  He's a really good guy and I don't mean to rag on him, it's just a little frustrating considering I now have to go and get a CT scan, or "cat scan" or whatever it is tomorrow.  Then they have to see if the bone has been healing properly or if they're going to have to go in and do surgery during which they would casually put a screw in my wrist. nbd.

So, at this point, the best case scenario is that I will be wearing this splint for yet another 3-6 weeks, and worst case scenario is the screw in my wrist.  Yeehaw.

But again, I just want to say I'm grateful for Dr. Dubs.  He's a pretty nice guy and he honestly didn't mean to miss the broken scaffoid (sp?).

And oh yeah.  Remember that part where summer is coming soon to a Provo near you?  That means I'll be sweatin' double time in this dang splint.  I'll just have to make the best of it...which may mean washing the splint every day to save the world from a stench that is so very unbecoming.

So here's to making the best of the situation.  That means if I see you around, you'd better open that door for me and carry any and all waffle arns that may be in my presence. ha.


matt said...

your life is SOOOOOO dificult

Mom said...

Sorry...but at least I can see "Dr Dub's" news has not slowed you down or destroyed your sense of humor!! Way to keep a positive attitude sista!

Katie said...

Wow, I'm sorry! But hey, it's not too late to play "Medieval Doctor" and either
A. use leeches
B. amputate
:D Miss you!

Keisha said...

dear stacy,

My life is so much harder than yours... okay, it probably really isn't. ;) I am so sorry for the news, but hey, surgery means scars and scars means sympathy and sympathy means delicious baked sugary snacks!! so surgery=never ending supply of Matthew baked pies!! I am already seeing the light. :)