Wednesday, May 4, 2011

check this lady out.

The Secret Life of Bee

I like this girl.  She's super cute.  I just started following her (thanks to brittany--you should look at her blog, too!).  Anyway, The Secret Life of Bee is doing a suuuuper cute giveway.  You should check it out...or maybe you shouldn't because I want it and if you enter then my chances of winning decrease.  But I'm a really nice person, so you should probably just check it out.  The only this is, if you win, I get half of it.  Straight up Solomon's solution right thur.

P.S.  Got my cat scan yesterday.  Dr. Dubs called today, and GUESS WHAT. Nothing is broken.  So, even though that whole dealio was a little annoying, I am FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST from the dang splint.  Now I must do some stretching of the wrist daily and after about six weeks, I should be back to normal.  Then we should all go to Classic Skating to celebrate.


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