Monday, May 16, 2011

Cash Money.

What's better than finding money in the middle of the street (that could possibly belong to some poor single mother with twelve kids so you should probably feel super guilty if you pick it up)?

Finding money in your house that already belongs to you.

That's what happened to me yesterday.

I actually didn't find the money, though.  Jalyn did.  She is at home for the summer, which means she's been hanging out in our old room a lot.  On Saturday, she decided to do a little exploring in our closet.  Not exactly sure why she did that...probably looking for her collection of bottle caps or something.

Anyway, while she was bottle cap searching, she stumbled upon my old money jars.  These jars were where I stored all my money all growing up.  When I would get my allowance or babysitting money or when I would win beauty contests (psych), I would divide my money up between three jars. 10% went to tithing, 50% went to college savings, and 40% went to spending.  I'm actually mildly impressed that I always divided my money like this, although if we're going to be honest, which we are, I have to admit that on occasion I would take a couple dollars from my college fund for my wild middle school mall trips.  But don't worry--I always wrote myself IOU's, and I always paid them back.  Apparently, one of my talents is that I'm pretty good at making myself feel guilty about things like that.

Back to the story.  Jalyn found my money jars.  When she saw them in the closet she thought, "Oh hey.  Those are Stacy's old money jars.  Wouldn't it be funny if there was still some money in them?"  So she picked them up and shook them to see if they had some pennies in them or something.  As it turns out, there were!  And when she opened the jars up, she saw that in addition to the occasional penny, there were a bunch of bills! More than $60!  That's a chunk of change!

That's right, folks.  I, Stacy, forgot about money that I had.  I didn't know I did stuff like that.  In fact, I don't think I've ever done something like that.  But regardless, it's awesome and I'm totally okay with it.

You may have noticed that there are only two jars, though I mentioned that I had three.  Yeah, my spending jar turned into my wallet when I was like fourteen.  I used to have so much self control in my younger years.  I could just let my spending money sit in a jar for months without even thinking about it.  Then puberty hit, and I had to have those yellow swishy pants from Limited Too.  Can you say most regretted purchase of my life?!?


Jelly said...

I distinctly remember you wearing those swishy yellow pants when you took the Spelling Bee in 6th grade. And you thought my sweats in 1st grade were more embarrassing! thought correctly because they actually were a lot more embarrassing if you think about WHY I had to wear them.

rachalford said...

Wow, you've waited 5 years to pay that tithing? Pretty sure that you're toeing excommunication. And since I had to subsidize your college tuition, you can give me your college savings' jar.

No but really, shopping spree! Woohooo! I'm getting so excited. We will have to do it on the Monday of Memorial Day weekend because we are most likely going to be gone on Saturday.

Anne said...

1. Glad I did not know you when you had yellow swishy pants.

2. Child Stacy had terrible handwriting.