Monday, March 21, 2011


1. The wrist bone is still broken.

2. The splint stays on for two more weeks and then...

3. ...I get a cast for another four to six weeks.

4. Also, I just found out I have two papers due tomorrow instead of just one.  Boo.

5. But, I've discovered that I can use the middle finger on my left hand when I type if I hold it at a weird angle, which has doubled my typing speed.

6. It's past 11 am, so I can take more meds.

7. I love my hands.


Rachel said...

So I get married, and then I don't find out important things unless I read your blog? Holy cow! I can't believe you are crippled.

Lena said...

Aww, poor Stacy. You have no idea how horrible we all felt once we realized you had hurt yourself and were in the hospital. Heal soon!

Jacob said...

1. Jacob LeCheminant (Name)
2. California (State I Live In)
3. Southern Pound Cake (A.K.A. Bundt Cake) [Favorite Desert]
4. Going onto every few seconds to see if there is a new product (Habit)
5. Blood (Stacy Relation)
6. Getting the most recent iPhone (Best Day Ever)
7. I ate a cookie... THE END. (P-Diddy Thing...)

Apparently I'm the only person who has done this "thing"...

You all better buck up and get commenting on here!!!

Jacob said...

Of course, I need to be more of a JACOB.